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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Spending Your February: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

1. Take a look at those goals you made last month. Revise if necessary. 

2. Meet a friend for lunch. Yes, this takes time. And yes, it's totally worth it. Relationships are worth investing in.

3. Start planning a summer trip. If January's weather has you down, start planning a summer trip. Even if it's small, it's something to look forward to.

4. Pick one unhealthy thing to ditch for the month. If there was ever a month to try to try this, it's this one. Only 28 days! You can totally do that. I went the month of January with no fake coffee creamer (just coconut milk in my coffee) and 1) I feel a lot better, and 2) It's really empowering to make a decision and stick to it for a month...even if it's something small! 

5. Have a DIY fondue night. Melting pot ain't got nothing on you! 

6. Buy a pack of cheesy valentines and mail them to your friends. 

7. Throw away all the pens in your house that don't work/that you hate using. This may seem silly until you remember how frustrating it is to be in a hurry to write something down when you pick up three different pens before finding one that works.

8. Make a de-stress playlist. This doesn't have to be chill, slow music (but it can be!). Just anything that makes you happy! You know those songs from high school that just make you happy when you hear them? Those kinds of songs. 

9. Text an old friend and check-in. Everyone loves getting a "thinking of you" text out of nowhere. 

10. Send someone a love letter in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Get cheeeesy. 

11. Take a trip to the Target dollar spot. Because this: 

12. Bake something with chocolate. Blame it on Cupid. 

13. Celebrate Galentine's day. Make Leslie Knope proud. 

14. Celebrate Valentine's Day! Go out, stay in, get fancy and pop the champagne, stay in your pj's and order something fun!

15. Motivate yourself to get up earlier by watching the sunrise. With coffee, of course.

16. Facetime your far away family or friends. We are so blessed to live in a time where it's easy to stay in touch...but we still have to actually make the effort to stay in touch.

17. Create more peaceful moments. When it seems like peaceful moments are few and far between, you have to create them for yourself. Go for a walk, do yoga, go to a favorite store...whatever it is that lets you quiet down your brain and recenter. 

18. Watch Beauty and the Beast. Relive your childhood in preparation for the release next month, when you will be seriously reliving your childhood.

19. Clean out your closet. For real this time. And don't just set clothes them straight to the donation drop-off. Otherwise they'll end up in your trunk for approximately 3.5 years.

20. Secretly give someone flowers. It is SO DANG EXPENSIVE to send flowers. But Publix and Trader Joe's both have the most beautiful flowers for just a few dollars. Grab some and leave them on someone's windshield, or doorstep, or desk.

21. Invest in a pink lipstick that you LOVE. And by invest I mean spend about $5, because that's roughly what my favorite pink lipstick I wore in this picture cost.

22. Spend some time educating yourself on the current political climate. I don't mean reading facebook articles or listening to angry rants, I mean doing the research yourself and deciding for yourself where you stand. 

23. Be honest with yourself about the areas you waste time. This is hard. But, if you're finding yourself frazzled at the end of every day and haven't finished what you need to, it's worth thinking about. 

24. Exercise every day for a week in a row. To 1) prove to yourself you can do it, and 2) see how much better it makes you feel.

25. Try copy-catting your favorite out to eat meal. We live in the age of Pinterest and that means you can find a recipe for almost anything. 

26. Do more of what makes you happy. Plain and simple. More happy moments this month.

27. Look up towns close enough to you that you could do a weekend trip to. Keep a running list on your phone for when you get an unexpected free weekend and the wanderlust bug bites. 

28. Print out some of the pictures on your phone. You know, the ones you keep meaning to print. Just do it. 

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How will you be spending this month?

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