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Monday, February 13, 2017

Things That Deserve a Valentine.

I was going to send out adorable Valentine's Day cards this year. Cheesy, pink valentines. But then the last four weeks have been crazy and yesterday is the first day I thought about it and for some reason, the mail system cannot catch up with Amazon Prime and get things places in two days, so, not happening this year. 

But just because I'm not sending out real valentines doesn't mean I can't shoot a virtual v-day card to some things in our lives that are well deserving of one. So, in vein of Jimmy Fallon and his thank you notes, here are some things that most certainly deserve my valentines. 

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The Target Dollar Spot. Roses are red, violets are blue, every single month you try to make me spend all my rent money on you. 


Coffee. I literally cannot be a functioning human being without you, so, happy Valentine's Day. 

Leggings. Thank you for making it socially acceptable to basically stay in pajamas 24/7. You're the real Valentine here. 


Amazon Prime. Providing instant gratification in the form of two-day delivery...all the heart eyes for you. If you don't have this yet, you can get a 30-Day Free Trial here and never have to wait on a package again!


Hats. Thanks for helping me make it through the hard times (like bad hair days, or when I haven't showered yet but still need to look cute). Couldn't do it without you. 

Youtube. You offer approximately 1.2 billion workout videos that should definitely cost money but are somehow available for free. You make it very clear that there is no excuse to not get a workout in, and for that, I both love and hate you. But still, happy Valentine's Day. 


Audible. You've made my many commutes and road trips bearable and even enjoyable over the last three years. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, since actual reading while driving is frowned upon. (PS, if you don't have the magic that is Audible (WHY), you can get 30 free days here. It comes with 2 free books, so, why not?).   

Chick-Fil-A. I love you because you will forever let me eat (the world's best) chicken nuggets without feeling juvenile. And also because your 8 count is always more like an 11 count. Be my valentine. 

What deserves a valentine in your life? 

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