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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

5 Things I Want to Start Doing This Year.

I turn 25 in a few weeks, so naturally I am thinking about life and what I want and what I think the next year will look like. I've picked out five things I really want to start doing this year. 

1. Enjoying life more. I've recently been learning that life doesn't have to be planned to enjoy it. Sure, it's really fun to plan a date night and have a few hours set aside purely to enjoy. But, you can also enjoy taking a cup of tea outside and watching the sunset, or making popcorn and watching a movie. I want more nights like those. I'm in a phase of life where it's incredible difficult to plan for things, but that doesn't mean it's difficult to enjoy life.

2. Letting go more easily. I have always been the kind of person to hold on to things with a death grip. Belongings, relationships, grudges. I can't decide if it was when Jack was born or when we moved or what, but sometime over the last year and a half I started just not caring about throwing things away. I love decluttering, and I want that ease of letting things go to spill over to the actual important stuff. If a relationship is no longer healthy, I should be able to let it go. And good grief, I should be able to let go of grudges. 

It's very, very hard to get me to a place to hold a grudge, and it almost always involves someone hurting someone I love. This year, I want to let go more easily. Sure, I'll still get angry when stuff like that happens, but I want to be able to just be mad, call them names in my head, and then move on. Adult stuff, you know. 

3. Writing. I've done a great job keeping up with this blog, and a really bad job keeping up with the other writing that I love doing. Partially because creative writing just takes a lot of energy and brain power and those things have been escaping me lately. But I want 25 to be a year full of things I love, and I love writing more than most things. 

4. Making my life feel more like a vacation. This sounds silly, but hear me out. Do I still have to work? Yes. And also do a bunch of other not so fun things, like clean the house? Yep. But there are so many ways I can bring the happy, celebratory vacation vibes over to normal life. 

For example: It is absolutely ridiculous how much joy these flamingo straws have brought me. Putting one in a LaCroix is tropical and laughable and really, just fun. It makes me think of vacation, and that makes me happy. I want more things like that this year. More lunch break pool visits with Jack. More eating dinner outside. More cooking things like fish tacos and coconut shrimp-I love eating those on vacation, why don't I just make them at home? 

5. Celebrating little things. Weekends off, Tuesday nights, small accomplishments, a good day...I want to celebrate them all. This may just be the theme of my whole year. Sorry, I'm too busy to join in on your stressful situation...It's Thursday afternoon and it's on my calendar to celebrate that, so Jack and I are going to get ice cream. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? 

What do you want to start doing this year?
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