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Friday, March 24, 2017

Easy Ways to Celebrate Life This Week.

Last week, I wrote about how your life is worth celebrating. About how we should find little reasons to celebrate, how we shouldn't wait until special events or vacations to notice the good or live like life is special. 

I've really been trying to keep this in mind day to day, so I thought it'd be fun to start sharing how to do this. It's one thing to say, "Hey! Let's celebrate life!" And then another to actually do it. So I'll give you my ideas and you tell me your ideas and we'll just all be a bunch of party people celebrating life, okay? Okay good. 

Have something to look forward to. I'm a big believer of living in the moment, but I think that sometimes, looking forward to something actually helps you live in the moment. Chris gets time off for vacation in seven weeks (PRAISE) and I'm just. so. excited. And having that to look forward to is really helping me feel more celebratory on a day to day basis, because if I'm bored or stressed, instead of just sitting down and zoning out to watch TV, I do something like look up things we should do on vacation, or look up floppy hats or bikinis that I definitely need for vacation. And then my attitude just kind of changes, because having something you're looking forward to is an easy way to brighten your day. 

If you don't have something, plan something. A visit to see your family, a lunch date with friends, a day trip to a really great mall. Having something to look forward to, big or small, makes life feel more special. 

Buy something small (ahem, cheap) that will bring you a little bit of happiness every day. Prime example: my new doormat (which I can't find online, but it's from Target!) It was $12 and makes me happy / gives me summer vacation vibes every time I come home. It's tempting to spend money on something like fancy coffee that's gone in five minutes (although that's totally appropriate at times, too), but this week, if you're spending money, spend it on something like a new doormat, or printing out your favorite pictures to hang on your fridge where they'll make you smile everytime you open it. A few dollars, a lot of smiles. Win-win. 

Make something you really love for dinner. Dinnertime happens every single day. You know it's going to be a part of your day, but it's so easy to just gloss over. This week, try making it a mini celebration. If you're cooking anyway, you might as well cook something you love eating. If you wanna get real crazy, maybe even eat at the table instead of in front of the TV. If you're the kind of person who orders a cup of coffee after a nice dinner out, then make a pot of coffee and enjoy a cup at your own table. Sip it and slow down and enjoy and talk about what was good in your day.

How are you going to celebrate your life this week?
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