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Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, friends! 

Jack was "in" his first wedding on Friday. I put that in quotations because, as it turns out, he actually declined to be in the wedding. We put him down to see if he would possibly walk down the aisle and that was a big NOPE. But he did sit in a chair long enough for someone to take this picture and I'll probably never stop laughing at it:

Anyone else just gonna light their bracket on fire after this weekend? My bracket died last night during the Kentucky game. 

Chris and I have been listening to the audiobook of Dark Matter, and it's taking us forever because we're really not in the car together that much. But this weekend we went out of town, and are almost finished-oh. my. goodness. I thought my brain hurt before, but now that the book is almost over WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Someone on here recommended it to me, but I can't remember who. Thank you, whoever you are! Who else has read this?

The weather is venturing into the 90's here this week. Chris is mad about it, but I just see that as one day closer to the pool being warm enough to get in. And I can't wait to see Jack's reaction to swimming this year. 

The giveaway last week was so fun, I'm back with another one with some of my favorite ladies. I think we should maybe just start every week off with a giveaway, yeah? It makes Mondays better. This one is for a $75 Sephora (Or Ulta! Your choice!) gift card and some of Emelia's favorite things, like a GlamGlow mask (the best) and a Becca highlighter (the actual best). 

Emelia || Lindsay || Ashley 
Kate || Macy || Emily  
Kerri || Nikki || Chelsea

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wishing you all strong coffee and a short work day. Happy Monday! 

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