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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What March Taught Me.

That life is short and should be celebrated. Two weeks ago, a sweet, sweet family I know suffered an incredible loss. It's not my story to talk about, so I won't, but I'll say that it hugely shaped this month for me. When something that horrible happens, it's a gut-punch. There's no explaining it away. There's no rationalizing it. It is unfair and horrid and just as bad as it gets. 

It's also a big, smack you in the face kind of wake-up call. That life is short. That every single day you get is a gift. It has made me want to just scream at myself, "What is wrong with you, wasting time being upset over such little, unimportant things? Don't do that. Celebrate your life." 

That it's so important to have your priorities straight. I've told you before that when I told Chris I was pregnant (something neither one of us was expecting to happen), I brought up our original plans for the night (a work event), and he looked at me and said, "That doesn't matter. Nothing else matters." That was so true then. It's so true now. But time and bad days (and sometimes even good days) and to-do lists have a way of making you forget that. This month was day after day of gentle nudges to my heart, asking me, hey, does this thing really matter? Let's focus on the things that matter the most.

That good weather and good people are the best medicine. I got to see two of my college friends this month, both just the best people. Laughing with old friends is the best. Having people in your life who you don't have to clean your house for or put on a big show for is also the best. 

I'll say this: Surround yourself with good people, because they will make you want to be one of the good ones, too. 

What did this month teach you?

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