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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

If We Were Having Coffee...

I'd tell you that My birthday is Friday, and I told Chris I wanted new makeup. More specifically, I wanted to go have someone teach me how to do my makeup and tell me exactly what to buy while he took care of Jack. It was the longest I have been alone in forever and it was bliss. I love Jack, but trying to pick out makeup while holding a toddler is kind of a nonstarter, you know? 
I asked the girl doing my makeup if there was any way she could make me look like I just stepped off the set of a Victoria's Secret fashion show and then show me how to look like that every day and she didn't even laugh so she's obviously my new favorite person on this earth. 

If we were having coffee, I'd ask what your plans are for celebrating Easter. I'm so excited for Jack to see his Easter basket, since his first Easter he was only two months old and didn't care a single bit. 

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you I started another 30 days Yoga with Adriene challenge (highly recommend). I'm on day 5 and I remembered that the first time I did one of these, I literally could not hold a plank for more than 3 seconds and it would make me feel so bad about myself. Now I can, and it's awesome. A little bit every day adds up! I love yoga for lots of reasons, but one big one being that it's the first thing I've ever done where I can really see myself getting stronger day by day. 
I'd also tell you that I have somehow ended up on some spammy email list and have been getting bombarded with requests for my bank account number (they just want to send me my inheritance!), offers of hot single girls of different ethnicities, and looooots of enhancement pill adds. I would also tell you that every time I see one of these, this is all I can think about: 

What's going on with you?

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