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Monday, April 17, 2017

My Heart is Full.

My birthday was Friday and Chris had to work (BOO), so my friend Sam spent the day with me. We laid by the pool and drank entirely too many LaCroixs and went out for some really good pad thai. Then I let my blogger freak flag fly and pulled out my tripod because we actually looked presentable and wanted a picture together. (I use this tripod and this remote. Highly recommend!)

Side note: If you are in a situation similar to me when it comes to having a partner in residency, the absolute best advice I can give you is to find someone else in that situation too. I hope you're lucky like me and have friends and family who will try their best to understand, but there's something to be said for someone who understands because it's their life, too. It is such a gift. 

After dinner, we went for ice cream and there was a baby-sized bench. If it happens to go missing, I definitely did not steal it because of how cute Jack looks sitting on it. Why would you ask me that?

I spent the entirety of Saturday in the sunshine by the pool. If you've been around me any period of time, you know this is my ideal day. The water is finally not completely freezing warm enough to swim if 1) you let yourself get hot enough, or 2) you're a one-year-old with no fear of cold water. 

We need to talk about this kid's side-eye. 

Jack adds joy to my life on a daily basis, but there are just no words for how much joy he adds to things like Easter. Watching him dig into his Easter basket and throw his eggs all around just filled my heart to the brim. 

Jack really surprised me with how much he understood! I thought we'd get some cute pictures of him, but he was really into picking the eggs up and putting them in his basket. It was adorable.

It was a really great weekend with all my favorite people and my heart is full. The perfect kick-off to a new year of life. 

How was your weekend?

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