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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We Need to Talk About Airplanes.

I started writing a coffee date post for today, then realized that I bizarrely had a lot to say about flights. So here we are.  
United. Oh man, this just keeps getting better. It's a bad week to be the CEO of United. Also, fun fact about the CEO: He apparently doesn't know how to apologize? I hope that doctor is a millionaire when this is over, but I also hope that we get to watch it play out a little bit first because PASS THE POPCORN. I truly cannot wait until the opportunity arises where I do something other than what I said I was going to do and someone calls me out on it, so I can respond and say, "I was simply re-accommodating you." Gold, people. Pure gold.

My friend Myra was harassed on an airplane...because her one-year-old was talking? She was very calm and mature about the whole situation and isn't raising a fuss now (like I really want to do), but something really great about what happened to her...people helped her. They switched seats and stood up for her and walked with her because that psycho waited for her when she got off the plane. 

Anyway, I say this because I know that sometimes, for me at least, when I see or overhear something like that happening, I tend to think, "the people who are in charge will take care of it. I don't want to be awkward and get in the way." In reality, being awkward and getting in the way can be the biggest help. I'm going to remember that. 

The last flight I took. I briefly posted this on Instagram stories when it happened but never expounded on it because when you've been stuck on a runway for three hours, you just want to go home. 

It was our last flight of the day and Jack was kind of quietly fussy the whole time, and the woman in front of me kept turning around and shushing him the whole flight. Then, our plane landed and for some unknown reason we just had to sit on the runway for hours with the plane (and air conditioner) turned off. So he got reaaaal fussy. And I didn't blame him! It was hot, I ran out of snacks and milk for him (it was supposed to just be an hour long flight!), he needed to be changed but we weren't allowed to get up. This apparently just pushed the woman in front of us over the edge so she got her phone out and started recording him. 

I am an extremely non-confrontational (read: scared) person and was afraid to say anything to her lest she get angry and yell at me for the remainder of the 839 years we were gonna be stuck on this runway. Luckily, I was flying with my little brother who is neither non-confrontational or scared. He leaned in really close to her phone and said, "Hello. I would just like to state something FOR THE RECORD. It's illegal to record someone without their knowledge." Which probably isn't even true but it scared her so much that she jolted and dropped her phone and stopped recording Jack. 

Your turn! Tell me your weird/good/horrible flight stories. 

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