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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Vacation, I Love You.

Before too much time passes and I become that annoying person who won't shut up about their vacation (just kidding, that's already me), I wanted to share some pictures from our trip! 

We went to Hammock Beach Resort, and if you're looking for a relaxing beach trip, I seriously cannot recommend it highly enough. It was perfect. First of all, that picture up there was the view from our room. I feel like I could just stop there and it'd be enough, but I have approximately 43,392 pictures on my phone, so let us journey on.

The best part of this place were the pools. They had the gradual slope beach entrances, so Jack could just walk in, which made him love the pool way more. 

Speaking of how great the pool was...someone brought me a drink and giant plate of nachos every day, which I got to eat with this view. 

If you were wondering what my definition of magic is, now you know. 

There was a second pool on the upper deck that had an actual beach, so Jack could play in the sand while we laid by the pool.

See? Win-win.

The resort was right on the beach and came with free chairs and umbrellas, which is a close runner-up to my definition of magic. Jack loved the beach. The first day we took him, he just took off running down the beach. It was hilarious and adorable. 

We wrapped up our stay at the resort but decided to keep the beach trip going, so we went to our hometown and stayed for a few days in a condo right on the beach. Which means I drank my coffee with this view every morning. I love love love the ocean. 

We spent a few days just hanging out with Jack on the beach and it was the best. We got to see family and friends and just spend a few days in the sun. Magic. 

We got Jack a little pack of beach toys and that little red shovel quickly became the new love of his life. He carried it everywhere. 

Pro-tip: If you're taking a toddler to the beach, get a blow-up pool. He could splash around and cool off without one of us having to take him into the ocean.

See? Love of his life. 

It was the best. It was relaxing and refreshing and worth every single cent and minute we spent on it. If you're on the fence about taking a vacation, DO IT. You'll never regret taking a few deep breaths and making some good memories. So, so worth it. 

Are you taking a trip this summer?

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