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Friday, May 26, 2017

What May Taught Me.

That taking a break is good. This is the first time in a long time that I took a real break. Usually, if I go out of town or take a vacation, I "take a break" but also check in with work, wake up early to work on blogging stuff, respond to emails, etc, etc. This time, though, I took a BREAK. No work, no texting people back, no emails. It was magical and very needed. 

Also, I feel like I learned a lot because of what I missed and what I didn't. I legitimately missed day-to-day blogging stuff. I actually missed working out (WHO AM I?!) But there's a lot of other things I do every day that I didn't miss at all. So I think taking a break from everything shows you where you're doing a good job at enjoying life and where you maybe need a little extra work. 

That going on vacation with a toddler is totally doable. Every now and then I'll see a few of my friends share some different version of the same article about "Why I'm Never Having Kids." To be fair: I completely respect and support anyone who makes that decision for themselves. I just think the, I'll keep my money/body/career/free time while you're stuck at home and miserable pieces are a bit overdone. 

Anyway, one of the main themes of these seems to be that once you have a kid, you can never go anywhere else other than your living room (and maybe Target). While I was a little nervous about taking a vacation with Jack, it was actually amazing. We stayed at a super nice (read: not "just for kids!") resort, ate at fancy restaurants, stayed at the beach all day, drank cocktails by the pool...all with Jack. A vacation with a toddler is totally possible, and beyond that, totally enjoyable. 

That the beach will always be my happy place. Any beach, anytime, anywhere. There's just something about being that close to the ocean that makes me feel like nothing else really matters and that all my problems are so much smaller than I thought they were. More beach days, please. 

What did this month teach you?
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