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Monday, June 26, 2017

Catching Up.

Lots of little things that aren't necessarily worthy of their own blog posts happen all the time. Sometimes, enough of these happen that I just sit down with a hot cup of coffee (okay, I'm on my second as we speak. To be honest, not too far from my third) and tell you about all of them and call it a day. We have arrived at such a day, my friends. 

Summer is here, but it's been raining for approximately 234,329,439 days now. As someone who takes their toddler to the pool almost every day, this is kind of a bummer. 

Sometimes I actually think about the things we have today and it blows my mind. Like, I have a phone that, if I'm missing a friend, I can simply press a button and see their face in real time. That is amazing. My best friend lives in Georgia and a few nights ago I facetimed her while she was shopping for her new house. We're in totally different states, but able to pick out home decor in Target together. Technology is the best. 

Last week there was a fancy event that I went to with my friend Sam. We got ready together and took a million and four (I'm totally not exaggerating numbers today, can you tell?) pictures and it was so much fun. It really reminded me that it's so nice to make a big effort and celebrate every now and then. I'm all about take-out and Netflix on the weekends, but it's nice to go all out every now and then. 

Chris was MIA (working, always) for the first part of the night and other people were taking couples pictures, so I made it work with a date of my own.

To be honest, this is me anytime I'm around any dog ever, so it works. 

Jack is a night owl. I can no longer sleep past six (why?) so this is posing problems. And by problems, I mean I'm drinking entirely too much coffee and everyone I run into asks, "Are you okay? Are you sick?" No, Janet, just tired. Thanks for letting me know I look ill, though! Bright side, 
though, he sleeps in late. So I have a few hours in the morning to get work done before he wakes up. Which is maybe worth the caffeine jitters and sick-eyes comments. Jury is still out. 

That's all me and my tired/sick eyes have got today. Happy Monday! Hope it's the best. 
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