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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spending June: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

1. Buy a few disposable cameras. Keep them around and develop your pictures when the summer is over. You get to capture some memories without the pressure of looking through your phone to see if you got an insta-worthy shot.

2. Play mini-golf.

3. Buy summer candles. I love making my house smell like the season. I'm linking some of Target's best summer smells. These candles are only $10, last forever, and (most importantly) smell like vacation. 

4. Go out for ice cream. Being an adult can be super stressful, but it also means you can skip dinner and just go eat ice cream instead. 

5. Visit a theme park. 

6. Buy fresh fruit at a farmer's market. Or from the people selling it out of their truck bed on the side of the road. I had the best watermelon ever yesterday and it came from this little old man in a cowboy hat just set up on the side of the road. Next time you see that, pull over and grab a watermelon! 

7. Spend some time on a hobby that you've neglected. I can sometimes get in the mindset of, "if it's not productive, it's not worth spending time on" and that's just not true. If you love painting for fun, it may not technically be productive. But it's something you love, so it's something worth doing. 

8. Try a new coffee (or creamer) flavor. 

9. Stock your house with s'mores supplies. A summer staple. Get some roasting sticks, while you're at it. We bought some and it's so fun to be able to make s'mores without really planning it out.

10. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in awhile. Sure, sometimes people fall out of our life for a reason. But sometimes that reason is you both got busy and life just happened. Say hi to an old friend. 

11. Make an effort to make your life more ______.  You fill in the blank. Some people crave a calmer, more easy-going life. Some people crave an adventurous, spontaneous one. I go through phases where I want both at different times. Whatever you want right now, make an effort to make that happen this month. You deserve it. 

12. Do yoga. 

13. Challenge yourself to drink more water. I sing the praises of water all the time, but if there was ever a time to start drinking more of it, it would be summertime. I bought this cup and this cup and (most importantly) these straws and drinking enough water is a breeze. Get yourself a giant cup and hydrate. 

14. Make a list on your phone of free events happening in your town this summer. 

15. Invite someone over for a coffee date. 

16. Choose one thing about your job that you want to get better at. I did this a few months ago. I was having a frustrating time with one part of my job, so I looked up an online class. It has made my life so much easier. Don't wait for someone to ask you to get better, do it for yourself. 

17. Pour your favorite protein shake into popsicle molds and freeze it. 

18. Wake up early enough to drink your coffee while you watch the sunrise. 

19. Browse Amazon for cheap sunglasses. I bought these (the ones I'm wearing in this picture) for our vacation and am obsessed with them. Plus, they didn't cost so much that I'll cry when Jack eventually breaks them. 

20. Invite a friend to come visit you. Or go visit a friend. Sure, it costs money and takes planning, but it's always worth it!

21. Eat more meals at home. So you have more money for trips to see friends and weekend adventures!

22. Plan a contingency trip. Somewhere close enough to go if you get an unexpected free weekend.
23. Make homemade ice cream.

24. Revisit those New Year's goals. Next month will mark the year's halfway point and is a good place to start over if you need to. 

25. Get a good face mask. It's summer. It's hot. You're sweaty. Your skin suffers. Get a good face mask and treat yo'self a few times a week. These are some of my favorites. 

26. If you have a backyard, DIY your own firepit. We did this over the winter and it was way easier than I expected! Nightly s'mores, if you want. Does it get better?

27. Get touristy in your own city. Summer is the perfect time to play tourist. 

28. Make plans for the fourth of July. Throw a party, or crash someone else's party. 

29. Be lazy. Have a full day and night with no plans. Watch a movie, take a bath, read a book. No cooking or cleaning or errand running. 

30. Make a summer playlist. 

How will you be spending your month?
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