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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Uniform: Tees You (okay, I) Totally Need.

If you've seen me at all over the last few months, I've probably been wearing a slightly different version of the same exact thing: Cut-off shorts and a graphic tee.

One, because it is so (so, so, so) FREAKING HOT. Leggings aren't even an option here. Jeans? Do you want to die? 

Two, because there are SO MANY good (and insanely affordable) tees right now. It's super easy to throw on something cute/funny/snarky with a pair of shorts and look like you tried (we both know you didn't, but I won't tell).

I rounded some up for you (and me, because I need these) so you can also not sweat to death and be a little cute. You're welcome. 

The dream big shirt (the one that's 5.99!!) is maybe my favorite shirt right now. 

And the red jersey one is way cuter on than it looks in that picture.

And, of course, Target will always be queen of good t-shirts. So many good ones!

Happy shopping! xo
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