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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why Hammock Beach is The Perfect Getaway.

Going somewhere new is always a risk, especially when you get such a limited amount of vacation. But when I found Hammock Beach Resort while looking at places to go in Florida, I decided we had to try it, even though it was new to me. It was right on the ocean, looked toddler-friendly, and the price was amazing. Here are a few reasons I think it's the perfect getaway, especially if you want to bring the whole family. 

Zero entry (beach entry) pools. I loved this for two reasons: One, Jack was obsessed with it. He would go in to about his knees and just splash forever. It made it easier to keep an eye on him and easier let him do what he wanted without having to be all the way in the water holding on to his float. Two, I loved that I didn't have to jump all the way in the pool just to cool off. I could just wade in holding my drink. Also, I really want my own pool like this now. 

On-site dining. They had several restaurants you could eat at without leaving the resort, which is sometimes exactly what you need after a long day in the sun on the beach or by the pool. Major bonus points that the outside dining was right by this big courtyard, so you can take turns letting your toddler run his energy out while the other adult enjoys a glass of wine (#teamwork). 

It's right on the beach. This is going to sound snobby, but I really hate going to the beach and staying somewhere that it's an event to actually get to the beach. Because who wants to ride a shuttle back to the hotel when you're wet and sandy and tired? No one. Here, the resort is right on the beach. Just a quick walk over, and once you're there, they'll set you up with chairs and towels and an umbrella. Which comes in handy if it's naptime, but you're not ready to leave. Exhibit A: 

There are three pools (and a lazy river!). There's a kid's pool (plenty of adults there too, it's just catered mostly to kids) with a roped off, shallow area and a big waterslide. There's an adults-only pool, which is super nice to have if you're not traveling with kids. And there's a beach pool for whoever wants to come. This one was the best-Jack got to play in the sand and in the pool, and I could see the ocean from my chair. Hello, heaven. 

Poolside service. There was constantly someone walking by asking if you needed anything. I loved that they didn't just have drinks by the pool, they had a full food menu, too. We ordered the nachos every single day because they were that good. One day, we stayed at the pool until dinner time and just ordered dinner poolside. I love eating outside, and I love being at a place where dinner can be flexible based on how your day is going. 

If you're within driving distance of Florida, I highly recommend giving this place a go. It's near St. Augustine, and we thought we'd spend at least a day exploring there, but the resort was so nice we couldn't bring ourselves to leave. I already know we'll be heading back soon. 

Where have you been/are you going this summer?

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