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Monday, June 5, 2017

You Are Never Too Much.

Let's talk about a voice that we've all heard from time to time.

The voice that's there when you cry at a cheesy movie and feel the need to clear your throat and wipe your face really fast, or when you're really feeling yourself in a selfie but are embarassed to post it because you don't want to come off as conceited. It's the little nagging feeling that makes you wish you could go home and change when you see that your outfit is more colorful/dressier/different than everyone else's. The voice comes in many different forms and says many different things, but the overall message is always the same:

I am too much. 

Let's just clear this up real quick. You are not too much. You are never too much. 

There are a lot of things in life worth devoting your precious time and energy to thinking about and working through and figuring out. Wondering if you are too much is not one of them. Because, plain and simple: You are not too much. Ever. For any reason. It doesn't matter the circumstances. You could shave your head and tattoo a picture of your dog on your face and walk around with 80's dance music playing at all times and if that is what being true to yourself really looks like for you, then you are not too much. 

That massive crush you have on your coworker that makes you blush and stutter when they speak to you? Not too much. 

The way your body has gotten thinner/bigger/bulkier/saggier/wider over the years? Not too much. 

The way you secretly love top 40 pop music? Not too much. 

The way you love yelling for your team at sports bars? Not too much. 

The way you love starbucks and pink lipstick and things called basic? Not too much. 

The way you spend entirely too long putting on makeup just so you can take a good picture for your blog? Not too much. 

The way you roll out of bed and into the closest thing to pajamas and go to work with frizzy hair and no makeup? Not too much. 

You. Are. Not. Too. Much. 

You are you, in all of your imperfectly magical you-ness. 

So the next time that annoying little voice creeps in, telling you that you are too much, replace it with this thought: You are you. And that is both enough and not too much. 

Because if I, an anxiety-ridden, cares-way-too-much-about-what-people-think-of-me, introverted girl can tell myself that I am not too much, then can you. 

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