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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Road Trip Essentials.

From my house to our destination (Founders Inn and Spa...the most gorgeous place that I can't wait to tell you about!) was a 10-hour car ride. So it's safe to say, I now consider myself a professional when it comes to road tripping. These are the things I either found myself super happy we thought to bring or really wishing we had thought to bring. 

CAR CHARGER. I cannot stress this enough. I also cannot stress enough that you should start charging your phone before it is dead. Otherwise, you will spend hours taking turns passing the charger back and forth just trying to get above 5% so that you can use maps again. 

BABY WIPES. File this under things I didn't know before Jack was in the picture-these suckers work for almost anything. Spill something in the car? Baby wipe. Sketchy bathroom water was broken so now your hands are covered in soap? Baby wipe. 

FACE WASH WIPES. Because there will come a point when you really just want to take a seven-hour long shower and this is the second-best thing. Pro-tip: The Target brand I linked here is literally half the price and works just as well. 

COOLER. Because do you know how much water costs at said sketchy gas stations? No thank you. Bring your own. 

HAIR TIES. Because even in a car with two girls, there was a hair tie shortage. 

BOBBY PINS. See above. 

AIR FRESHENER. No one's car smells good after a road trip. Get ahead of the game. 

TIDE TO-GO. Because you will make the questionable decision to stop for nachos while wearing white. 

FLIP-FLOPS. Speaking of questionable decisions...I wanted to look cute in our pictures so I thought it would be a good idea to wear NEW SHOES walking all over a city (my feet are still crying). Have a pair of flip-flops accessible, you won't regret it. 

Honorable mention: Trash bags! We had So. Much. Trash. 
What am I missing? What are your essentials?! 
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