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Friday, July 28, 2017

What July Taught Me.

To just freaking go. If you follow me on here or anywhere else, this one's pretty obvious. But I did a lot of just going this month, and it was so worth it. SO WORTH IT. I wrote a full post about it here, but in summary: Life is short. If you want adventure, go get it. It's rarely easy, it's almost always worth it. 

To invite people into my mess. I am messy. My hair is always messy, my house is always messy, my life is pretty messy. And there's this underlying, daily pressure to clean it all up for everyone else. But this month showed me, that's crap.

I wrote a very messy post on faith, and heard a resounding me too back. Not, oh wow, you need to get it together.

Life is messy. The best people are messy. I'm lucky to be surrounded by some really great people who said "What took you so long?" When I invited them into my mess, instead of saying, "Ooh girl, you need to clean this up." Guys. Be that kind of friend. 

To (try to) see every day as an incredible moment I'll never have again. A lot of my month was spent traveling and adventuring and exploring. But a lot of it was spent getting work done, soothing a sick toddler, grocery shopping, responding to overdue emails, and doing mundane things like laundry. When you're on a trip, it's easy to view things through the lens of, "I want to enjoy this before it's over." It's easy to stay up late, to drive the extra miles, to spend the extra money, because you know that this is a limited time offer, and you want to soak up all of those incredible moments before they're gone. 

But truly, every day is a series of moments you only get once. So I'm trying to view every day like that. And trying to bring some of hungry-for-life energy traveling gives me over to my daily life. 

What did this month teach you?
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