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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Spending Your August: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

1. Set three goals for the month. Big or small, up to you. 

2. Start a group text with your favorite ladies. Pep talks and memes galore! 

3. Make a smoothie bowl. I had one of these on my trip last week, and now they're my new favorite thing to make! 

4. Celebrate the little things. No, really. Stop and celebrate the little victories. 

5. Give something a makeover. Whether you're brave enough to refinish an entire dresser or just wanna spray paint an old picture frame neon yellow, have fun with it. 

6. Go wine tasting. 

7. Have a facetime coffee date with your long-distant friend and catch up on summer so far. 

8. Check out a yard sale. 

9. Try a new workout. 

10. Make some appetizers. We all know you have plenty of recipes pinned that you've never tried.
11. Browse all the cute back-to-school office supplies. It doesn't matter that you're not actually going back to school, everyone needs pretty pens and notebooks! 

12. Go a few days without makeup. Your skin will thank you and you can sleep in later, so win-win, ya know? 

13. Take advantage of how good (and cheap) peaches are. That's (one of) the saddest thing(s) about summer coming to an end...the peaches. Make something delicious with them. 

14. Make sangria with sorbet. I'm telling you guys, I'm ruined for life. No more normal sangria for me, ever. 

15. Host a dinner party. 

16. Turn your phone on do not disturb. THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. I've been doing this and it's nice to be able to check my texts/phone calls throughout the day as I want, and not pick my phone up every single time it dings.

17. Go to a trivia night. 

18. Set out on an adventure to find the best donuts in your city. Someone's gotta do it. 

19. If that summer trip you were hoping for isn't going to happen, start planning one for the fall.

20. Organize your closet. If there are summer clothes in there you haven't worn this year, it's safe to say it's time to send them to a better home. 

21. Find a Ferris wheel and take way too many pictures. 

22. Go to a restaurant you've never been and order the first thing the waiter recommends. 

23. Have a friend over for breakfast. Stay in your pajamas and drink coffee and eat waffles. 

24. Look up consignment shops in your area. We went to several consignment shops in Virginia Beach and I got the best outfits for so cheap. Don't judge a place by what it looks like on the outside!

25. Go to the library and check out a best-seller in a genre you don't normally read. 

26. Color your hair. Use this, it's what I used

27. Go to the beach. Depending on where you live, this might be the last month you have beach weather!

28. Try yoga. 

29. Go for a walk at sunset. 

30. Or at sunrise, with a cup of coffee in hand. 

31. Spend a day going out of your way to make sure your people know you love them. Love letters, Chick-Fil-A delivery, funny know what to do. 

How will you be spending this month?
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