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Friday, August 25, 2017

Things I Believe in This Week.

Thrift store shopping. It has ruined me. I got this entire outfit for $10 last week, and the shorts still had the tags on. I can't pay full price for anything now without feeling like I'm getting majorly ripped off (because I probably am). If you're near Gainesville, you need to go to Sandy's. If not, you need to find your city's best consignment shop. I know that doesn't sound too fun, but if you like shopping and new clothes but also don't like spending money you don't have, it's a game-changer. 

Going for walks. Look, I'm trying to become a runner, but it's a big work in progress. In the meantime, Jack and I walk a few miles every morning. It's good for him to get fresh air, it's good for me to get exercise (because if you don't think that pushing a 25-pound kid in a stroller isn't exercise, think again, my friend), and it puts me in a really good mood. Endorphins for the win. 

Being a good friend. I've been in a season of life where friendships have been so essential to me, and even felt life-saving on some days. Little gestures of "hi, I'm here, I've got you, we're your people" go the longest way. The things that have meant the most to me haven't been big. It was my friends texting me the morning of a day they'd knew would be a hard one for me. Or getting a package in the mail that made my day. Or someone sending me a quote or a verse and saying "this reminded me of you!" Just little things that go a long way. It's really made me want to pay attention to how can be the best friend. 

I say this all the time but I'm really learning it so much lately: Life is short, love your people fiercely 

Taylor Swift. Forever and ever, amen. 

What do you believe in this week?
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