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Thursday, August 31, 2017

What August Taught Me.

To be a good friend. I have some friends who just went above and beyond in showing me love over the last few months, and it was so needed. Not only that, but it's really challenged me this month to actively try to be a better friend. To pick up the phone more, to not wait 84 years to text back, to think about how a little effort on my end might make a big impact on a friend's day. It's a giant blessing to have your people, so love them fiercely. 

To accept new versions of myself. This year has included a lot of change for me on a personal level. Some I was in control of, some I wasn't. When you're surrounded by so much change, you're bound to change a bit, too. I'm learning to accept the ways that I'm different, and not freak out because I'm not feeling how I've always felt. 

To give an extremely superficial example: I have always been ready for summer to end and fall to be here. August first rolls around and everything in sight is covered in pumpkins. But this year, we're almost at September, and I'm very much stuck on summer. And instead of worrying that I'm not a good blogger because I'm not blogging about pumpkin spice lattes yet or that I shouldn't even be allowed to own a house since there's not a hint of pumpkin anywhere in sight, I'm just rolling with it.
That is obviously a small and silly example, but point being, I've had a lot of those this year. And I just say to myself, Hey, this is where we're at this year, and that's okay. 

That people are good. Sometimes, it's far too easy to be overwhelmed with how humankind seems to be the absolute worst. And then sometimes, it's amazing to see so much pure goodness come from others. Watching everyone, near and far, do whatever they can to help with this hurricane makes me proud. There's still good out there, we just have to be it. 

What has this month taught you?
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