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Friday, September 29, 2017

Goodbye September, Hello October.

Goodbye, September. 

Goodbye, summer. You were one for the books, and it makes my heart actually ache to think about how full of adventures you were and how much I'm going to miss you. 

Goodbye to surviving my first big hurricane. Cheers to making it work and cheers to (please?) never doing it again. 

Goodbye, butter pecan coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. I was late to the game in discovering you, so our time together was short-lived. I look forward to the many summers we will spend together in the future. 

Goodbye to a month that taught me, over and over again, that I am way stronger than I think, but that I can't do everything alone. That it's okay to ask for help. That taking a break is so okay. That inviting people into your mess is so, so good. 

Hello, October. 

Hello, FALL. With your pumpkin spiced everything and cooler (maybe?) nights. 

Hello, kickoff of the most magical three months of the year. 

Hello, doing more creative writing for fun. You fell off my to-do list this summer (ahem, year) and I really missed you. 

Hello, bonfires and apple cider and pumpkin carving. I'm ready for you.
Hello to more adventures, more strength, and more love, always. 

What are you saying hello and goodbye to this month? 
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