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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Always Want to Remember 2017: Part 8

In an effort to pay attention to and be thankful for all the little (and big!) moments in life, I'm going through my pictures at the end of every month and documenting some of the memories that maybe didn't warrant an instagram or an entire post, but are moments I want to remember just the same. I'm a little behind, but I'm so glad I'm doing this. Just now looking at the end of July and August pictures made my heart feel so full. 

2017, Part 8 looked like...

Jack started to boycott sleep, which sucked, but I got lots of midnight laughs like this one. 

Took Jack to Universal, where he RAN around like a grown adult.



 He loved every minute of it, clearly.

This was his reaction to his first carousel ride ever. I melt. 

 Got to take another roadtrip to VA/NC. I love blogging.

Spent the week galavanting around VA and NC with my best friend and her best friends, discovering all the fun spots. God knew I needed these friendships at this time, and I'm so thankful things worked out the way they did for me to meet them at just the right time. 

Experienced my first Duck's Donuts (100% worth the hype)

Went wine tasting at the most beautiful winery.

Had my first acai bowl, and their sizes cracked me up.

Laughed a lot on the most beautiful beach in Kill Devil Hills. 

Came home to this one and took him on a date to Chuy's. Like I said on instagram, he already loves mexican food more than he loves most people, so he's doing it right. 

Took him to play football at a park.

Went to Melbourne Beach to celebrate my dad's birthday and say goodbye to my brother, who moved to Colorado. Cried a lot...

...laughed a lot more. 

These two are the most mischievous partners in crime, this month and every month.

I took Jack to a children's museum and he loved it.

Scored big at Sandy's.

My thrift game was on point in August.

Found out my sweet friend is having a baby! I'm SO EXCITED! 

Put out the bubble machine and the sprinkler so Jack could live his best summer life.

Went on way too many Target runs with this one and laughed way too hard during all of them. 

Got lots of sleepy snuggles from this little monster. 

I seriously recommend doing's so nice to realize how full your month was by looking through your pictures.

Cheers to celebrating all life's moments, big and little. 
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