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Friday, October 27, 2017

There is Literally No One Else Like You.

One of my closest friends has had a tough week, and I was sending her some pictures I thought would cheer her up. I put Parks & Rec quotes as the captions, because she loves and watches Parks & Rec more than anyone I know. In fact, if someone asked me to describe her, that would probably come up in conversation. "Loves Parks & Rec more than most things in life and can quote every episode." And I love that about her!  

If you asked her, though, she'd probably laugh it off. Say, "Yeah, I love that show way too much. Isn't that funny?" She probably wouldn't tell you it was something she loved about herself. 

I have another friend who can handle confrontation better than anyone I've ever met. She is clear and concise and kind and firm in a way I can only dream of being, and I love that about her. If you asked her, though, she probably wouldn't list that as something that set her apart, or that she loved about herself. 

It's so easy for me to look at my friends and name off the things that set them apart, that make them unique, that make them them. It's easy for me to give a list of qualities that I love about them.
I really wish we could learn to view ourselves the way our best friends view us. I wish we could look at ourselves in the mirror and instantly rattle off our best qualities that make us amazing and different. 
If I asked your best friend what she loved most about you, what would she say? If I asked your best friend what your best qualities were, what kind of list would he give me? 

Do you love those things about yourself? 

Because you should. 

I don't need to hunt down your bff or your romantic partner to know that you are amazing. To know that you have a long list of things that make you unique. I don't need to question the people around you to know that there is literally no one else exactly like you. 

You should celebrate that. You should accept that with open arms. Your so-called flaws and imperfections, your quirks, your traits...all of it. It makes you you. And you're the only one of those! 

That's amazing, yeah? 

Yeah. It is. 

Tell me something that makes you the one-of-a-kind, amazing, you who you are. 
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