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Monday, October 30, 2017

What October Taught Me.

That going somewhere new will always shift my perspective. I can't decide if I think that travel changes you or that it makes you more yourself. Either way, it shifts your perspective. My brother recently moved to Colorado and I visited him a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, when you're outside, surrounded by mountains and the overall grandness of nature, it's hard to think that your problems are a big deal in the grand scheme of things. 

That fighting against evil will always be exhausting, but it means you are alive and you have a voice, and that is a gift. This has truly been an exhausting month in terms of heartbreaking events. The horrific shooting in Vegas, the whole utterly devastating #metoo movement, just so much evil. I have felt, on more than one occasion, an overwhelming sense of, "How are we still here, still fighting against these awful things? It's never going to get any better."

A friend sent me a screenshot of Glennon Doyle's Instagram post last week, and one line in her caption read, "Listen-hope is everywhere. Hopelessness is a lazy choice." YES. And so we keep choosing hope, no matter how much darkness creeps in. We keep opening our mouths to say "this is not okay" no matter how repetitive it seems, no matter how quiet our voices sound. Because to be alive and to have a voice is a privilege. 

To respect and honor the season I'm in. I love being Jack's mom, and he is a fairly easy kid. That being said, the age he is right now is exhausting. Always running, always curious, always getting into things. So save for a few things on the porch, my house did not get decorated for fall this year, because he can reach everything. And while that probably would have broken two-years-ago-me's heart, it's totally okay! Because that's the season I'm in, and I respect that. 
You know how people say to listen to your body when it's craving something, because it's trying to tell you something? (I don't think this applies to me, because all I ever crave is queso and Chinese food, but that's another topic). Well, I think your soul craves things too. And right now, in this season, my soul has been craving connection with my people. Sometimes that means skipping cleaning the house during Jack's naptime to have a facetime date. Sometimes it means not spending money at the mall, and saving that money to go visit friends instead. That's the season I'm in, and I honor that. 
Whatever season you're in, respect it. Don't compare it to the season other's around you are in. Don't feel guilt that it doesn't look the same, or that it doesn't look like you think it should. Honor yourself and this part of your life. Embrace it. All seasons come and go, soak this one up while it's here. 

What has this month taught you?

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