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Friday, November 10, 2017

10 Under $10: Things You (Maybe, Might) Need.

I love seeing people's favorite things. Honestly, a lot of my favorite things, or things I use on a daily basis, came from seeing people recommend them online. So many things I never would have known about if it wasn't for people sharing their favorites!

I am also a sucker for a good deal, so it should not come as a surprise that the majority of my favorite things are under $10. Here are ten of them...treat yo'self. 

Vibe so hard water bottle. This is the actual cutest. To be fair, if the word vibe is anywhere on anything, I probably want it. 

Mrs. Meyer's honeysuckle hand soap. You know you're a real adult when you get excited about soap, right? This smells amazing. It lasts forever and doesn't dry out your hands. 

Not Your Mother's dry finish texture spray. A long time ago, I had a favorite texturizing spray. Then the brand went under, taking my hairspray with them. Last May, I went to a blow dry bar before an event, and she used texturizing spray. I bought it, because it didn't make my hair sticky and also didn't smell like a grandma, but it was $30 (Again, sucker for a good deal, so not too excited here). I tried this one from Target, and it is so good that I still have some of the $30 one left over, but I reach for this one instead. It's a winner.

Rosebud Salve. This has a cult-like following for a works. It fixes chapped lips and is the prettiest color.

Pajama shorts. I have become such a pajama fan recently (again, is this how you know you're an adult? Soap? Pajamas?). These are cheap, adorable, and I wouldn't be embarrassed to accidentally wear them all day, ya know?

Bobby pin keychain. This is maybe the most brilliant idea I never knew we needed, and every female on my Christmas list will be getting one of these.

Send me dog pics t-shirt. This just makes me laugh.

Rhinestone flower bobby pins. Now that my hair is shorter, I wear it pinned back a lot. These babies make it look like some effort was made.

Nip + Fab no needle serum. I keep raving about this serum because it keeps being amazing. You need it.

Dr. Teal's foaming bath. Maybe the easiest way to treat yourself and take a break is a bubble bath. This epsom salt soak has lavender oils in it that smell heavenly and help you push pause on life. It's amazing.

What are you loving that's under $10?

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