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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

3 Things You Need to Know About.

O N E || Philosophy Pore Extractor Mask. Guys. I have found the face mask to end all face masks. It is nothing short of straight-up wizardry. 

I kept seeing ads for it, saying blackhead-free skin in TWO uses, so I was obviously intrigued. But Ulta was sold out, and they closed down my Sephora (BOOOO), and you can only buy the full-size online. I was hesitant to spend the full-sized money on something I hadn't tried yet. Then, I got my Sephora Play box, and it was one of the samples! 

It does exactly what it says. I'm telling you, it sucks the gunk out of your face. It's amazing. While it is on the more expensive side (hi, I usually pay $5 for face masks), you're only supposed to use it twice a week, and a little goes a long way. 100% worth it. I've already ordered the full size. 

T W O || Lowes has mini (real!) Christmas trees for $19! I was worried about our tree this year, because last year Jack wasn't even walking yet. Now, he runs around the house, bringing terror to anything not bolted to the wall (just kidding) (but only kind of). We have some sentimental ornaments that I don't want to risk breaking, so we got one of these little trees and put the glass ornaments on it, safe out of Jack's reach. I'm sure he'll pull our big tree down at some point, but at least nothing will shatter when he does. 

T H R E E || Frosted Sugar Cookie Creamer from Aldi. It is delicious and tastes like Christmas is having a dance party in my mouth. Look, I know flavored creamer is garbage. I do. But I'm very healthy in most other aspects, so just let me have this one. CHRISTMAS DANCE PARTY, OKAY?!

Tell me what I need to know about! 
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