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Friday, November 3, 2017

Amazon Prime: What I Ordered VS. What Actually Came.

I LOVE Amazon Prime. Free shipping, free returns, it's a win-win kinda situation. But I also know that ordering off of Amazon, especially clothes, can be a gamble. You never know what you're gonna get, or what size it's gonna be, or if it will look anything like the pictures. 
So I thought this would be a fun series to try! What I ordered...and what actually came. The winners get to live in my closet, the losers go back to Amazon. 

Winner: Mesh Yoga Pants

Technical name: FeelinGirl Women's Breathable Active Yoga Running Pants Workout Spanx Tights Leggings. ||  Current Price: $13.50 (I paid $7.50) ||  Size Ordered: Medium

I love these! They fit great, I've worked out in them, ran in them, and washed them, and they've held up great. They were a steal for $7.50, but I would still buy them at $13.50

Winner: Champagne Now, Crunches Later Betsey Johnson Workout Tank.

Technical name:  Betsey Johnson Women's Champagne Now High Low Muscle Tee || Current price: $36.05 (I paid $10) || Size ordered: Large

As you can probably guess, this is now my favorite workout shirt, and I wear it for fun way more than I exercise in it. I hate that it jumped up in price so much. I must have caught it on sale. If you buy it, definitely size up. I like a looser fit so I ordered a large, and I it runs small. 

Loser: Backless T-Shirt Dress

Technical name: Eliacher Women's Casual Sexy Backless Tshirt Dress 6589 || Current price: Unlisted (I paid $9.99) || Size ordered: Large 

From the front, this one isn't so bad, but it's definitely not the flowy, hi-lo dress pictured on Amazon. The back, though...the back is bad. It's black, so I couldn't get an accurate picture, but there's a knot in the back that causes the fabric right above your backside to stick a good two inches out, making you look something like this: 

So, nope. Back to Amazon it went. 

Winner(ish): T-Shirt dress

Technical name: Eliacher Women's Casual Summer Chiffon Dress Blouses Long Top Shirts (what a ring to it, right?) || Current price: $9.99 (That's what I paid) || Size ordered: XL 

This is probably my favorite thing, but I say winner-ish because it isn't at all like I thought it would be. First of all, it was supposed to have sheer pannels on the sleeves and shoulders...homegirl is sheer alllll the way through. Luckily I have a slip dress the same color scheme that works under it. 

Losers too bad to picture: 

This (seemingly) cute crop top. I had visions of wearing it with high-waisted skirts, but no. It was flimsy and slightly brown (??) and I was not even putting it on my body to take a picture. 

Have you ordered anything worth mentioning off of Amazon lately?
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