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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Finish The Year Strong.

You guys, we've almost done it. 

We've almost lived out the entirety of 2017. 

Maybe you thrived this year. Maybe it has been your year. The one you've been waiting on, the one where you finally break through, the one where everything is just so good. Maybe you've had lots of days where you wake up, smiling, thinking, this is my life?! In the best way possible. 

Maybe you simply survived this year. Maybe you had to fight through it, one day at a time. Maybe there were a lot of days where you woke up, asking, this is my life? In the worst way possible. Either way, we're just a few weeks away from closing the chapter that is 2017. 

So finish strong. 

What's something you wanted to happen this year that hasn't happened yet? Make it happen. You may not be able to start and finish it, but you can sure start it. So start. 

What's a change you wanted to make this year, but you're stuck in the same place, instead? Change it. Jump. Leap. Run toward the new. 

If this was your year, soak that in. Savor it. Carry it to completion. Choose to finish those things you started. Choose to carry your passion and excitement over into 2018. Choose to make the absolute most of the days left in 2017. 

If this was very much not your year, it's okay. You are my people. I am with you. We can still finish strong. We can wake up every single day for the remainder of 2017 and choose to live that day. We can choose to chase after the things that, a million years ago, at the beginning of 2017, made us excited about life. We can look at the remaining days in 2017, see how valuable our time is, and choose to fill it with things that bring us life. 

And if we have to crawl across that finish line, exhausted and beat up and barely able to put one hand in front of the other, that's okay. We can do that. 

We can choose to finish strong. 
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