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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Spending Your November: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

1. Participate in NaNoWriMo. On a month where thousands of other people are sitting down to write every day, why not try it?

2. Have a fire. 

3. Make a list of all the things happening in your town in November. November is a magical month because we get fall, Thanksgiving, and the start of the Christmas season all in the same month. So festivals, fairs, and cute events are usually bountiful in November.

4. Buy your favorite holiday creamer. Pumpkin spice? Peppermint mocha? I know it's not the best for you, but moderation, my friends.

5. Have a cozy movie night in.

6. Send a friend some pictures. I can't stop printing these polaroids from the Printic app. I sent a bunch to my best friend, look how cute they turned out:

Use code 299F8E to get $7 free (I paid $3ish dollars for all of these! Such an easy gift idea). 

7. Focus on loving your life now, exactly how it is. Guys, there are so many things about my life right now that I wish could be different. But there's a difference between trying to make your life better and being miserable over how it actually is. Try your best to look at the good and love how things are today, even if it takes some effort. 

8. Call your parents (and your grandparents, if you're lucky enough to still have them around). 

9. Treat yo'self to a caramel apple cider from Starbucks. 

10. Practice some Thanksgiving recipes. 

11. Try a Yoga With Adriene Challenge. If you've ever wanted to try yoga, she is the bestbestbest. 

12. Make a list of things you'd like to keep an eye out for on Black Friday.

13. Make caramel apples. 

14. Start taking better care of your skin. Step one: Drink ALL THE WATER. Step two: It would be really nice to spend a billion dollars on skin care, but if you're like me and don't have a billion dollars to spend on your skin, here are some affordable things that are working for me: 
15. Make Thanksgiving placemats or place cards. They don't have to be Pinterest worthy (mine will not be), just something that's fun!

16. Drink hot cider. 

17. Try meditating. I've been using the Headspace app and loving it.

18. Start thinking about your 2018 (okay WHAT?!) goals. Maybe start a note on your phone and add things there as they come to your mind. 

19. Write someone a letter about why you're thankful for them. 

20. Have friendsgiving! 

21. Participate in a food drive.. You probably have canned food to spare, and some families have no Thanksgiving food at all. Let's share.

22. Have a "just-us" Thanksgiving. Whether that's with a romantic partner or a friend, a low-key, full of your favorite foods night before the real deal can be so much fun. 

23. Celebrate Thanksgiving. Remember to honor your season-whatever your thanksgiving looks like, it's perfect. 

24. Go Black Friday shopping! 

25. Decorate for Christmas!! 

26. Break out alllll the Christmas music. Instant good mood. 

27. Bundle up and go for a walk. There's something so refreshing about cold air and sunshine together. 

28. Plan someone's best night ever. Cook their favorite dinner. Watch their favorite movie. Take them to their favorite place. A spouse or a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a best friend...this is an amazing thing to do for anyone. 

29. Plan your best night ever. Cook your favorite dinner. Watch your favorite show. Go shopping at your favorite place. Be kind to yourself!

30. Break out the Christmas candles. Pumpkin, you were great. Sugar cookie and gingerbread, you're up. 

How will you be spending your November?
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