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Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Week Coffee Date.

Hi hello yes, it's me, reporting live that we have somehow reached THANKSGIVING WEEK. For some of us, this week brings all the happy feels, and for some of us it brings insane amounts of stress and running around trying to get things done and finish endless to-do lists. Either way, it seems like a good day to take a break, have some coffee, and just talk. 

If we were having coffee...

I'd tell you that this is the first Thanksgiving Jack can eat all the Thanksgiving foods, and I cannot wait to see what he likes.

I'd tell you that I can't get enough of Taylor Swift's new album. The whole thing is just golden. I've listened to it in its entirety at least once every day since getting it, and I'm nowhere near close to sick of it. I just love it.  

I'd tell you that my face has been breaking out terribly in a way that's super uncommon for me. I chalked it up to stress, but I was mindlessly reading the back of my new(ish) face wash in the shower yesterday and saw that it has cucumber in it. I'm allergic to cucumber. So for about a month now, I've been rubbing cucumber on my face every single morning. The bumps all over my skin aren't zits, they're hives. 

I'd tell you that, while I know thankfulness should be a year-round thing, I do love seeing it bubble over in people around the holidays. From thankful lists on social media to just being nicer, Thanksgiving tends to highlight the good in people. I love it. 

What are your Thanksgiving plans? 
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