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Thursday, January 25, 2018

52 Things I Want to Do in 2018.

As far as resolutions go, I landed on a more / less approach for this year. But just because I don't have a solid checklist for those doesn't mean I don't have things I want to do this year. 

I thought a list of fifty-two things was perfect. One a week, I can do that. Some of them will take several weeks, some can be done in a few minutes, so I think it evens out. I thought it'd be fun to share it here and then look back at the end of the year and see how it went. 

1. Send a care package. 

2. Learn to cook pho. This is one of my favorite things to eat. It can't be that hard to cook! 

3. Spend a day at the beach. Hopefully many more than one!

4. Go to a food festival. 

5. Surprise a friend with something helpful. Showing up with dinner, or helping clean their house. Something truly helpful. 

6. Complete a 30 day Yoga With Adriene Challenge. 

7. Make mini care package bags for my car. There are a lot of homeless people in Florida, because of the weather. I'd love to have something like this to give away at stoplights. 

8. Get to inbox zero. Just typing that made me shudder. But it needs to happen. 

9. Go to a farmer's market. 

10. Try on every piece of clothing I own. If it doesn't fit or if I don't love the way I look in it, it gets donated. 

11. Mail 5 letters to friends. 

12. Go mini golfing. From childhood to adult life, every time I've ever played minigolf is such a fond memory. 

13. Read 52 books. And review them here, of course. 

14. Go to a concert. 

15. Meditate every day for a week.

16. Go to a sporting event.

17. Run a 5K.

18. Watch an ocean sunrise. 

19. Watch an ocean sunset. 

20. Eat at 5 restaurants I've never been to. 

21. Write a book. 

22. Make my own seasonings that I usually buy premade. Like taco seasoning! 

23. Go through and edit old blog posts. Better pictures, clean them up, that kinda thing!

24. Go to a city I've never been to. 

25. Have a picnic. 

26. Meet up with a friend I've met through blogging. 

27. Write 12 poems. One a month! 

28. Eat vegan for a week. 

29. Have a bonfire. 

30. Take a road trip. 

31. Learn how to give myself a gel manicure. 

32. Be able to do a headstand. 

33. Go to an outdoor concert. 

34. Send Galentine's day cards. 

35. Go to a state I've never been to. 

36. Go visit my brother in Colorado. 

37. Pay one month of my mortgage with blog income. I know if I worked my butt off, I could do this. And I also know it would make me feel SO FREAKING GOOD. 

38. Get disposable cameras developed at the end of summer. 

39. Grow an herb garden. 

40. Build up a good essentials oils collection. My mom got me a diffuser for Christmas, and I love how good my house smells! 

41. Go wine tasting. 

42. Build up a good tea collection. 

43. Send someone a care package. 

44. Go hiking. 

45. Print some polaroids. 

46. Spend a day exploring Gainesville. 

47. Have a spa day.

48. Do a month-long squat challenge. 

49. Buy a lottery ticket. I have never done this! No reason, I just haven't.

50. Learn how to change a tire. I know I should know how to do this. I don't wanna talk about it. 

51. Get more defined abs. I realize this is a shallow goal. But a goal is a goal!

52. Write (and send!) five letters to people who have inspired me. 

What sorts of things are on your list for the year? 
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