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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cheers to A More Passionate Year.

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I rang in 2018 at the beach. A weekend full of sunshine and books and laughing with my best friend while showing her around my hometown. It was refreshing and wonderful. It filled me up. It made me feel alive. 

I love the beach. I love reading good books. I love burritos from my favorite hometown place. I love staying up late and talking about life. These are all simple things, but I feel pretty passionate about my love for them. 

I want more of that this year. 

I want my days to be filled with things I feel passionate about. Not just okay things, not just it'll-get-me-by things, but things that fil me with life and love and joy and leave me feeling happy to be alive. 

The causes I choose to get involved in, I want to be passionately involved. The love I choose to share, I want it to be passionate love. The travels I go on, I want to passionately go, soaking it all in, throwing myself to adventure. 

Even the most mundane things can be remarkable when done with enough passion, I think. 

Cheers to a more passionate year. 
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