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Monday, January 1, 2018

H A P P Y 2 0 1 8

YOU MADE IT! You lived another year. Whether you truly thrived or barely survived, you're here. And that is amazing. 

However you're spending today-hard at work on 2018 resolutions, or curled up in bed after last night-I hope you take a few moments to do these three things: 

1) Be proud of yourself for making it through 2017. Be proud of what you accomplished. Be proud of what you survived. Be proud of the art you made, the words you wrote, the kids you raised, the people you loved. Be proud that you are still standing. 

2) Appreciate 2018 for the fresh start that it is. You get a new year, brand new. You can use it however you want to use it, and you get to decide how that is. If you've been waiting for a fresh start, well, here it is. 

3) Consciously let go of the things from last year that no longer serve you. Bitterness? Self-consciousness? Toxic relationships? Those things are so 2017. And 2017 is so yesterday (literally). Let. Them. Go. If it didn't bring you life in 2017, don't bring it into 2018. 

This is your year, babe. It doesn't matter how many times you've said those words before, this is it. It's a beautiful blank canvas that you get to fill. So fill it with all the very best things. 

If there are risks you want to take, take them. If there's a job you want, go after it. If you love someone, tell them. If you've got a dream brewing, chase it. If you want to go somewhere, please, please go. Everything is a risk, really. But let this year be the year you bet on yourself. 

Happy 2018, friends. May this truly be our best year yet. 

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