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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Spending February: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through the Month.

1. Take a look at those resolutions, whatever form you made them in. How are they going? 

2. Spend the afternoon in a town near you. A 30-minute drive can show you all sorts of new places.  

3. Write down your favorite things that happened in January.

4. Make Superbowl snacks. We're all here for the snacks and the commercials. 

5. Spend 10 minutes deleting emails you no longer need. 

6. Mail some Valentine's Day cards. Why does this stop being a thing in elementary school?

7. Try your hand at copying your favorite drink. Going out for drinks is fun. It's also just dumb expensive. Last summer I had this magical sangria with SORBET floating in it, and I'm going to try to copy that. Stay tuned. 

8. And your favorite meal. Again, going out to eat is fun. But wouldn't it be nice to have the option to eat your favorite thing at home, whenever you wanted?

9. Go somewhere that has live music. 

10. Have at-home fondue for dinner. I feel like this is a very February thing to do.

11. Get a good pink lipstick. This is my favorite pink lipstick ever. It's under $5 and lasts forever. 

12. Make chocolate covered strawberries. This is what February is for. 

13. Celebrate Galentine's Day.

14. In honor of Valentine's Day, watch your favorite romcom. Mine is Crazy Stupid Love. What's yours?

15. Send a love letter. 

16. Go to a consignment shop near you. Yesterday, I got a romper for two dollars. TWO DOLLARS. 

17. Plan a spring break. Again-why does this stop after school? Even if it's just a weekend, plan a fun little spring break for yourself. A girls trip or a beach day or just a day off. 

18. Just enjoy your coffee one morning. Don't jump immediately into emails or to-do lists, but make an effort to slowly enjoy the start of your day. Read a book, or your Bible. Sit outside or curl up under a blanket. Whatever a few slow moments look like to you, do that.

19. Make a "good vibes only" playlist. I have one of these and every time I hear a song that instantly puts me in a good mood, it goes on the list. 

20. Stop by the grocery store on the way home from work and get only fun things. Flowers or tea or cookies or whatever floats your boat. 

21. Treat yo'self to some discounted Valentine's Day candy. 

22. Write down ten things you're thankful for. Actually write them down. Put the list where you can see it for a few days. Life is good, let's remember that. 

23. Take a friend dinner. Swing by Chick-fil-a and drop it off. Such an easy way to make someone's night!

24. Make a library wish list. 

25. Create more peaceful moments. This looks different for everyone. There are days that for me, it just means going for a drive at the end of a crazy day and getting a diet coke while I listen to good music. Maybe it's a walk, or a book, or a bubble bath, or just a few minutes of silence. Whatever peaceful moments look like to you, create more of them this month. 

26. Pay attention to the happy moments this month. Make more of those. 

27. Buy some good sweatpants. I bought these and my life will never be the same. 

28. Get outside more. Fresh air is a magic worker, I tell ya. 

How will you be spending your month?

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