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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Two Years a Mom: Things I've Learned.

I have more patience than I thought was humanly possible. Spoiler alert: It is, somehow, still not enough. 

I don't care as much about the things I thought would be a big deal to me. Example: Jack's main food group? Chicken nuggets. It's just what he'll eat the most of. 

The things I do care about, I care about way more. I could burst into tears at any given moment over certain social issues I feel passionately about. Jack being here has made those things seem so much more real to me. 

The little things matter way more than the big things. Morning snuggles, stopping to read a book, playing in the backyard...those little moments all add up and mean way more than fancy vacations. 

I am 100% a better person than I was before having him. In almost every way. Very thankful for this one. 

Pretty much all of my biggest fears are now out of my control. Which will probably just be terrifying for the rest of my life. 

But it reminds me of how much is in my control. So much happiness is in my control. Nothing like a joyous little bundle of toddler to remind you of that. 

My heart and brain space and really just my whole life will never belong to just me again. 

On a more shallow note: This is the best stain remover. This is the best carpet cleaner. This balm heals everything. This sound machine lets him sleep anywhere. 

Two years of learning down, forever to go.

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