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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

V-Day Coffee Date.

Happy Valentine's Day! This seems like a day where a coffee date feels extra appropriate, so grab a drink and let's have a little virtual chat. 

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you...

I tried the valentine's drink at Starbucks and it made me throw up. Cherry-chocolate is my jam, but this tasted like Robitussin. Extra, extra sweet Robitussin. Nope. 

Florida is BACK. The sun is back, the warmth is back, my general happiness at calling this state home is back. We went to St. Augustine this weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect. It's seriously amazing how much happier I am when it's sunny out. 

Jack went to his first basketball game last week. I love college basketball games. They're just so much fun! I had no idea how Jack would do, but tickets were cheap so I thought if we had to jet out of there, no big deal. He had the best time. He lasted the entire game, halftime and all. It was so much fun, we're actually going to another game tonight! 

I'm really thankful for social media lately. In what has been a crazy season for me, things like Instagram and Snapchat have made it so easy to keep in touch with my friends. I may not have time to FaceTime you, but I can send you 18 snaps asking how your life is and telling you about my day, and whenever you get a minute, you can snap me back. I may not have it together enough to have mailed Valentine's cards, but I can send you funny memes today on Insta. I love it. 

What's going on with you? Anything fun on the books for Valentine's Day? 
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