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Monday, February 26, 2018

What February Taught Me.

That fresh air changes everything. After what felt like the longest winter Florida has ever had, she's back to being her sunshiny self. And I love it. As soon as it crawled above 60, I opened my doors and hauled my work outside. Any computer work, I've been setting up shop on my patio and working out there. It has made alllll the difference in my attitude mental sanity. Fresh air + sunshine can cure just about any bad day. 

That happiness and worrying about what other people think of your decisions cannot coexist. 

I saw this quote on pinterest last week and loved it so much. It really made me think, and honestly, I cannot think of a single time that worrying about what other people thought of me / my decisions made things even a little bit better for me. 

That when pure joy comes along, you need to stop and revel in it and soak every bit of it up. When horrible things happen, I allow them to devastate me (and honestly, they should. Some of the things happening recently are truly devastating and heartbreaking and I'm a big believer that we need to let ourselves feel that instead of turning a blind eye to everything happening). But when good things happen, I don't let them overtake me in the same way. Why not? Why not revel in the good and let it permeate my whole day in the same way that bad things tend to do? I'm working on this. 

Happy Monday, friends. Tell me something February taught you!
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