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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Let Go.

I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things that were not meant for me. 

Do you know what I was not meant for? A life of fear. A life full of what-ifs. A life of the comparison game. I was not meant for believing I'm not good enough. I was not meant to settle for less-than. And neither were you. Yet sometimes we find ourselves clinging to these things as if our life depends on it, as if we were made for them. As if they're an integral part of us that we have no say about.

Let Go. 

Of fear. 

Of unhealthy relationships. 

Of feelings of inadequacy. 

Of things you cannot change. 

Of the opinions of others. 

Of comparison. 

Of the need to be anything other than yourself. 

We all have our own list here. Some things are general, things none of us should cling to, and some are more specific, things that we've found ourselves bunk buddies with because of places our life has led us or circumstances we've had to walk through. But we all have things we need to let go of. 

So do it. Try it. Let go. Of anything and everything that does not assist you in living your best, most abundant life. Is it making your life better? Is it helping you make the world better? No? Let. It. Go.
Who knows what you might gain when you lose the things that were never meant for you.
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