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Monday, March 26, 2018

My Favorite Things I Discovered in March.

This bathing suit || It's so flattering. While I'm sure this looks amazing on curvy ladies, if you are one of my flat-chested friends riding the swimsuit struggle bus with me, this is for you. It's adorable, just the right amount of cheeky, and super flattering (and also looks real cute with high-waisted shorts!). As a bonus, I ran all over the beach in it and it stayed put, so it's Jack-at-the-beach-friendly. 

Olly Restful Sleep Gummies || I am awful at sleeping. Always have been. One of my few memories of kindergarten is wondering how everybody else could fall asleep on demand at naptime. 

I've tried everything - cutting down on caffeine and alcohol, eating earlier, eating later, no screentime after 9, lavender oil...I still suck at sleeping. I get amazing sleep when I take Z-quil, but it gives me about a two-hour sleep-hangover when I wake up, and that's just not feasible with an energetic two-year-old in the house. 

I tried melatonin years ago and had a horrible reaction (I hallucinated cats) but I'm desperate, so I tried again with these gummies. I've been taking them for two months now, but it took my body a bit to adjust (AKA stop having insane dreams). Now that I'm used to them though, I'm a huge fan. I fall asleep much faster, stay sleep much longer, and there's no icky feeling the next day, no matter how early I wake up. 

Ghee || I know I'm way behind on this, but I've never bought ghee before this month. I also know a lot of people use this for healthy fats, but I bought it because it doesn't burn as easily as butter. I've been sauteeing my veggies in this one from Trader Joe's and it is delicious! 

Acai bowls || I had my first acai bowl in North Carolina this summer and have been trying (and failing) to copy them ever since. But a Vale Food Co opened up by my house, and my life has been changed. I would eat one of these babies for every meal if I could. Have you ever had one? Better yet, can someone tell me how to make these at home?! 

What did you discover this month?

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