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Friday, March 16, 2018

Things I Believe in This Week.

TJ Maxx. Please look at this GORGEOUS yellow dress that is now a part of my family. It was $13! You just can't beat the prices there! 

Girls Trips. I am having the best time with my best ladies. Good friends are hard to come by, and when they're spread out over different locations, it takes a little extra effort to keep up with everyone. But it's so worth it. I'm going to remember this week forever! 

Libraries. I currently have twenty-two books in my car. TWENTY. TWO. Do you know how much I paid for those books? Zero dollars, that's how much. How people do not share my love of this amazing thing is beyond me. 

Online friendships. Say what you will about the internet, it's brought me some of the best people. I'm in a group chat with Lindsay and Kerri right now about future projects that make my heart giddy. Kait let me vent an obscene amount this week. I'm meeting Sam on Friday (and am SO EXCITED!). The internet is full of weird stuff and bullies, sure, but it's also full of encouragement and strong women I'm lucky to call friends. 

What do you believe in this week?
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