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Friday, March 30, 2018

What March Taught Me.

To speak up. I found myself in several situations this month where...let's call it, strong communication...was necessary. One example being that the place we booked through in Siesta Key bumped us from a really nice place to a really crappy one and tried to act like it was no problem. Two-years-ago-Chelsea would have immediately tried to convince everyone that it was fine, but this-year-Chelsea was real quick to get on the phone and demand an explanation and a solution. 

A little bit into my strong communication with Beachside Management (horrible experience, 10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND) I caught my best friend watching me and her eyes were so wide it made me burst into laughter. When I got off the phone we agreed that if someone who knew me a few years ago had seen that encounter, they would have been shocked. Which leads me to...

That I'm actually really proud of who I am becoming. Two years ago I wouldn't even send food back at a restaurant if they got my order wrong. I hate confrontation that much. I have grown leaps and bounds in not only this area, but in so many other ways. I saw something on Pinterest this week that said, "I am fiercely protective of the woman I am becoming." I just love that so much. 

The only person who knows just how much work it's taken for you to become the person you are right now is the person you were last year, or two years ago, or five years ago. I hope you're making yourself proud. And if not, I hope you are fiercely protective of yourself as you work to be.

No one else is responsible for your happiness. It may make you feel happy when someone texts you first, or does something kind for you, or remembers a special day of yours. But your actual happiness? That one's on you, babe. Realizing that is truly empowering, because one, if gives people way less power over you than they should have, and two, it gives you something to work towards. I truly hope that you are surrounded by the very best friends and family who do make you happy, but even if you are, they still aren't responsible for making you happy. That's all you, and you should work towards that. 

That breaks are good, and you should not save them for special occasions. I went on vacation with six girls. We did lots of sightseeing and explored the town every night. It was a blast, but I definitely wouldn't classify it as restful. I came back so rejuvenated, though, because I got a five-day break. It was so healthy and so needed. And while week-long breaks in other cities are great, breaks shouldn't be pushed off until you have an occasion like that. Weekends, or days off, or even an hour stolen at night...USE THOSE. Take breaks. 

What did this month teach you?
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