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Monday, April 30, 2018

What April Taught Me.

Good friendships are the best medicine. Around a year ago, I was at the beginning of a very difficult season of life. About the same time, I suddenly found myself with a circle of amazing friends. Some old, some new, but all there. One of the biggest ways I have seen God this year is through those friends. I could ramble on and on about all the things they've done for me lately (and I'm a blogger, so let's be honest, I probably will eventually), but for now, two things: 1) New friendships as an adult? TOTALLY POSSIBLE AND TOTALLY WORTH IT. Your life did not end in college, why would making friendships? And 2) Remember how powerful friendships are. Don't settle for crappy friends, and don't be a crappy friend. 

Downtime is essential, even if you have to schedule it. I am a big list person. I always have a list of things that need to get done, which means when I have a break, I'm always doing something. Sometimes, that's necessary. Lately, though, I've been really freaking tired. So when I have a break, I've been taking it as just that - a break. Reading a book or sitting outside or watching TV instead of doing laundry or running errands or catching up. It has been so good for me, and I think you should try it. 

Doing something kind for someone else isn't just good for them, it's good for you. A few weeks ago, a friend called and asked me for help. This is embarrassing, especially after my spiel on friendship above, but I'm just going to level with you: I did not want to help. I was tired, I was grumpy, I had other plans. But I helped, and when I got a text saying thank you later, I almost burst into tears because I felt so good about being able to change their situation just a little bit. That's a selfish reason to help people, for sure, but it's something to keep in mind: Being a good person is good for you. Being kind is healthy for you. Being a good friend does wonders for your mood. 

Don't be afraid to ask your people for help. On that note, don't be afraid to ask for help yourself. I don't know when this shift happened that I started feeling embarrassed to ask for help, or started feeling bad calling in backup from my people, but this month I snapped out of that. I mentioned my friends planning a surprise trip for me, and the amount of driving and planning it took to spend one night away is almost comical. It took help from everybody, and you know what? No one cared! They were all happy to help.

Life is made up of seasons. Sometimes the season you're in will call you to be more of a helper, and sometimes the season you're in will require lots of help. Don't be afraid to ask for it. Your people understand. They want to help you. And they know, when the tables turn (as they always do, eventually), they can call on you for help, and you'll be there. 

What did this month teach you?
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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Love You, 2018: Part Four.

Every month, I go through my phone pictures and round up the ones that haven't found their way to the blog, or maybe aren't "blog-worthy" to remind myself of how full my month really was. Part 4 of 2018 was full of Target trips with my best friend. . .

 . . .Taking Jack to see the Easter Bunny (still dying over his face)

. . .Capturing the BEST reaction to his Easter Basket

. . .Torturing Including Gatsby in the Easter festivities

. . .EASTER BEST (sobs)

 . . .I MEAN????

. . .Woke up to this most days

. . .Realized Jack prefers sitting in a chair like an adult.

. . .Spent some time at my parents house, where Jack is (clearly) allowed to do whatever he pleases.

. . .Celebrated my birthday with tacos and best friends

. . .And again with shopping with my mom!

. . .Went out for the best pizza with Sam

. . .And gave Jack his first ever popsicle, and THANKFULLY captured his reaction. I'll just leave you with that.

What did this month look like for you?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Something I want to be in this year of my life is intentionally thankful. Sometimes thankfulness comes super easy, sometimes ya gotta sit down and force yourself to think of some things you're thankful for. In both times, I want to be intentional about it. 

So, this week, I'm thankful for. . .

Friends who go out of their way to celebrate me. One of my best friends drove two hours just to take me to lunch for my birthday. My other best friend took me out to dinner and drinks this weekend. AND THEY PLANNED A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY TRIP FOR ME. I could cry all of the thankful tears that God put these people in my life at this time.

Jack. I'm always thankful for him, duh. But lately, I've been thinking about how much he's changed my life just by being here. I've become a stronger person, a more patient person, (and honestly a freaking warrior, OKAY?) all because he's in my life. Thankful. 

Fiesty cherry diet coke. I cannot stop drinking these. See also: Ginger-lime diet coke. SO DELICIOUS. 

The library. April has been a wonderful month for library books. And have we discussed how my library doesn't do late fees? Because they don't. It's amazing. 

What are you thankful for this week? 
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Monday, April 23, 2018

My Favorite Things I Discovered in April.

Nuun hydration tablets. My dad actually introduced me to these! It's electrolytes without all the added sugar and calories that comes with something like gatorade. It's plant-based, tastes good, and gives you a little bump of energy. A winner!

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream. I've seen people rave about this forever, so I finally bought the travel size one on my birthday (because, treat yo' self) and holy moly does it live up to the hype. It smells MAGICAL and instantly firms/smoothes/hydrates wherever you put it. 

Foam roller. Guys. HOW did I go this long without ever having a foam roller? My muscles have been so sore and tight after working out, even after stretching, which makes it that much harder to find the motivation to work out the next day. A few minutes with this baby fixes all that. Best $6 I've ever spent. 

GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer. This came in my Sephora Play box and I fell in love with it! I almost don't even want to put this here because of how expensive it is, but hear me out! Lots of summer days, I just don't wear makeup. If I'm going to be outside (most days!) there's just no point. So this will take the place of a full face of least that's how I justified it haha. It's a tinted, glowy moisturizer that isn't sticky at all. It looks great on it's own AND under makeup! 

Your turn! Tell me what you discovered this month!
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Friday, April 20, 2018

Things No One Told Me About Having A Toddler.

Sleep regression? IT'S REAL AND IT DOES NOT ONLY APPLY TO NEWBORNS. (See also, send coffee, I'm tired). 

They are SO SMART. I don't know why I just assumed kids were kinda just (I can't think of a nice way to say this so I'm gonna go with not-smart) until they were like five or so, but that's so not true. It blows my mind how quick he learns things and how he teaches himself how to put things together. 

You will (I have) become a giant mess emotionally. Having an infant didn't make me more emotional. Watching that infant turn into a full-on functioning human? It blows my mind and makes me cry all the time. The world can be the ugliest place, but watching such a pure soul turning into his own person just gives me so much hope on the daily. 

You will (I) have to pray for more patience daily (hourly) and no matter how much you receive, IT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH. 

Most people on who have toddlers are liars. I'm only assuming this, but before I had a toddler the majority of people who I listened to who had toddlers talked a lot about things like "quiet mornings at home" and used words like "gentle learning time" and I'M CALLING LIESLIESLIES OKAY. 

You will suddenly (seriously, like overnight) have to watch every single thing you do, because somebody else is watching every single thing you do. Jack woke up one day and started mimicking everything I do. Not joking, everything. I was doing squats, he was doing squats. I was like wiping the counters, he was looking for a rag to wipe the cabinets. So, rude finger gestures (not like I ever do those, obvs) or not-so-nice words? Those don't fly around here anymore. 

The amount of destruction that can happen in mere minutes is both horrifying and impressive. There is no explaining how it happens, so don't bother asking. The same tiny creature that takes approximately two hours to six business days to put their shoes on can destroy an entire room (and sometimes house) in a matter of minutes. Just stop cleaning, probably. 

It's an adventure in every sense of the word. Sometimes it's fun (unexpectedly so), sometimes it's terrifying, sometimes you have no idea what you're doing or where to go from here, sometimes you end up in a place you never thought you'd be, but you love it. 

And one thing that everyone did tell me and has been 1,000% true: toddlers are truly just like tired, drunk mini humans. 

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Check-in!

I didn't set resolutions this year, but I did make a list of fifty-two things I'd like to do in 2018. Since we're roughly a fourth of the way through the year, I figured I'd check in on those!

I've honestly loved not having set goals/resolutions. This year I'm more focused on experiences, on making memories and living in the moment I'm in, and it's been great.  

So far, I've accomplished:

Spend a day at the beach. I've had a few of these so far! Love you forever, Florida. 

Go to a farmer's market. I went to our local farmer's market a few weeks ago! Met a girl who makes her own all-natural skincare and bought a few things from her. 

Try on every piece of clothing I own. I did this and cannot recommend it highly enough. If it didn't fit, GONE. If I didn't love it on my body, GONE. I sold what I could and donated the rest. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that everything in my closet actually fits me. 

Go to a concert. Kelsea Ballerini was magical. 

Go to a sporting event. We took Jack to two basketball games! He had the best time and lasted the whole game, which was a nice surprise. 

Watch an ocean sunrise. Watched one in Melbourne Beach. Nothing like it. 

Eat at five restaurants I've never been to. Blue Gill in Gainesville (didn't love it, but I went there for brunch..I'll try again for their regular menu!), Felipe's Taqueria in Gainesville (BEST margaritas and really good "fast" food), Loosey's in Gainesville (Seriously my new favorite. Such delicious food and the best atmosphere), The Cottage in Siesta Key (Never in my life have I gone to a restaurant two nights in a row on purpose...but we did at The Cottage. It was that good. Best lobster bisque I've ever had in my life), and a little pizza place in St. Augustine that was approximately the size of a closet but had, no exaggeration, the best pizza I have ever had. I can't find their name, but I'll report back after I go there again (BECAUSE I WILL). 

Meet up with a friend I've met through blogging. I met up with Sam of Samantha Rose Says and we had margs (duh) and honestly the best time. She's the sweetest. I already felt like we were real life friends, and it was the best to see that she was just as great in person. LOVE YOU. 

Take a road trip. Done! To Siesta Key! 

Go to an outdoor concert. Kelsea's was an outdoor concert. I'll go to another indoor concert before the year is up!

Send Galentine's Day cards. Check! 

Build up a good essential oils collection. This has been so fun. The de-stress blends really work miracles. 

What about you? How's the year going? ALSO, one of mine on my original list is a double so I need one more...any suggestions?!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Coffee Date!

If we were having coffee. . .

. . .I would for sure be drinking an espresso frappucino. I've just now discovered they can make these! I love the consistency of frapps, but hate the sickly sweet flavors they come in. This is just blended coffee and it is the new love of my life, thank you for understanding. 

. . .I'd tell you that I always call my birthday the unofficial start of summer, but this year I woke up two days after my birthday to forty-two-degree weather. It's seventy today, but still, I am confused. And also just really want the pool to get warm enough to go swimming. 

. . .I'd tell you that my best friends surprised me with a secret trip for my birthday! Next weekend we're going to an unknown location for unknown reasons. I freaking love surprises, so this is the best. I'm so excited!

. . .I'd tell you that I've been running to Cardi-B's new album and it is everything I did not know I needed in life. It makes me feel approximately fifty-seven times cooler than I actually am. 

. . .I'd tell you that I just ordered this acupuncture mat on the recommendation from my friend Alex. I've seen a few people recommend them and I'm excited to try it! Have you ever used one? 

Your turn! What's going on with you? 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

t w e n t y - s i x.

I would like to start off by saying that I spent a few weeks before my birthday freaking out about turning twenty-seven. It just caught me off-guard and I felt like it came super fast. Probably because I was turning twenty-six, not twenty-seven. Just in case you were wondering what my brain looks like these days. 

So I'm happy to report that I did not, in fact, lose a year of my life. I turned twenty-six on Saturday and it was great. I stay pretty consistent year after year about what I want on my birthday...sunshine, good food, and new clothes. I got a little bit of all three this weekend, so I'm gonna call that a success. 

I'm incredibly thankful for another year of life. Twenty-five brought me some amazing people, some fantastic experiences, and a lottttt of learning. I feel like I'm heading into twenty-six as a stronger person, a smarter person, a healthier person and more in tune with myself than I was at this time last year. So I'm going to count that as a success! 

I have a good feeling about this year, and I plan on making the most of it. After all, what a privilege it is to be alive, you know?
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Books I've Read Lately (And Whether or Not You Should Read Them)

Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach

Plot: "Ava Antipova has her reasons for running away: a failing family vineyard, a romantic betrayal, a mercurial sister, an absent father, a mother slipping into dementia. In Paris, Ava renounces her terribly practical undergraduate degree, acquires a French boyfriend and a taste for much better wine, and erases her past. Two years later, she must return to upstate New York. Her twin sister, Zelda, is dead.

Even in a family of alcoholics, Zelda Antipova was the wild one, notorious for her mind games and destructive behavior. Stuck tending the vineyard and the girls increasingly unstable mother, Zelda was allegedly burned alive when she passed out in the barn with a lit cigarette. But Ava finds the official explanation a little too neat. A little too Zelda. Then she receives a cryptic message from her sister.

Just as Ava suspected, Zelda's playing one of her games. In fact, she's outdone herself, leaving a series of clues about her disappearance. With the police stuck on a red herring, Ava follows the trail laid just for her, thinking like her sister, keeping her secrets, immersing herself in Zelda's drama and her outlandish circle of friends and lovers. Along the way, Zelda forces her twin to confront their twisted history and the boy who broke Ava's heart. But why? Is Zelda trying to punish Ava for leaving, or to teach her a lesson? Or is she simply trying to write her own ending?

Featuring a colorful, raucous cast of characters, Caite Dolan-Leach's debut thriller takes readers on a literary scavenger hunt for clues concealed throughout the seemingly idyllic wine country, hidden in plain sight on social media, and buried at the heart of one tremendously dysfunctional, utterly unforgettable family." -Via Goodreads

Favorite quote: “No one wants the complete picture, the whole story. It would leave no room for the fictions we need to tell ourselves about ourselves.”

My thoughtsI have no idea why, but this book took me forever to finish. I picked it up every night for about two weeks and just couldn't get into it. Once I did though, I really did love it. It's an incredibly creative story and a really raw look into the dysfunction of families. I was truly surprised by the resolution of the story (always a plus). In hindsight, I really enjoyed this, it just took me a minute to really start liking it!

Should you read it? I think so!

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

Plot: "The bad man, Daddy. The bad man is after us." 
Clara Solberg's world shatters when her husband and their four-year-old daughter are in a car crash, killing Nick while Maisie is remarkably unharmed. The crash is ruled an accident…until the coming days, when Maisie starts having night terrors that make Clara question what really happened on that fateful afternoon. 
Tormented by grief and her obsession that Nick's death was far more than just an accident, Clara is plunged into a desperate hunt for the truth. Who would have wanted Nick dead? And, more important, why? Clara will stop at nothing to find out—and the truth is only the beginning of this twisted tale of secrets and deceit. 
Told in the alternating perspectives of Clara's investigation and Nick's last months leading up to the crash, master of suspense Mary Kubica weaves her most chilling thriller to date—one that explores the dark recesses of a mind plagued by grief and shows that some secrets might be better left buried." -via Goodreads
My thoughts: This was a really great book with a terrible ending, and I never know how to feel about those. I enjoyed reading it, it kept me engaged, it was well-written...and then the story just flopped (in my opinion). 

Should you read it? I'd skip it, just because I HATED the ending. 

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

Plot: "On a cool June morning, a woman is walking her dog in the idyllic coastal village of Salten along a tidal estuary known as the Reach. Before she can stop him, the dog charges into the water to retrieve what first appears to be a wayward stick, but to her horror, turns out to be something much more sinister...

The next morning, three women in and around London—Fatima, Thea, and Isabel—receive the text they had always hoped would NEVER come, from the fourth in their formerly inseparable clique, Kate, that says only, “I need you.”

The four girls were best friends at Salten, a second rate boarding school set near the cliffs of the English Channel. Each different in their own way, the four became inseparable and were notorious for playing the Lying Game, telling lies at every turn to both fellow boarders and faculty, with varying states of serious and flippant nature that were disturbing enough to ensure that everyone steered clear of them. The myriad and complicated rules of the game are strict: no lying to each other—ever. Bail on the lie when it becomes clear it is about to be found out. But their little game had consequences, and the girls were all expelled in their final year of school under mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the school’s eccentric art teacher, Ambrose (who also happens to be Kate’s father).

Atmospheric, twisty, and with just the right amount of chill that will keep you wrong-footed—which has now become Ruth Ware’s signature style—The Lying Game is sure to be her next big bestseller. Another unputdownable thriller from the Agatha Christie of our time." -via Goodreads

Favorite quote: "A lie can outlast any truth." 

My thoughts: I read this book in one sitting (I had a glorious day last Friday and spent the entire day alone by the pool). I loved it, but I don't know if I would have loved it as much if I would have read it a chapter here and there throughout the week, if that makes sense. 
It was an amazing binge read. Ruth Ware is incredibly talented. It reminded me of All The Missing Girls, except the stories from the past were told in a much better way (no confusing flashbacks). And I loved the theme of female friendship. 

Should you read it? Yes! 

What are you reading?
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Monday, April 9, 2018

Bathing Suits I'm Loving (All Under $40!)

Living in Florida, I take bathing suit shopping very seriously. Because these aren't just things I wear once or twice a year and then throw in my closet...they're making weekly appearances for most of the year. 

These are all bathing suits I either own or have personally tried on and loved, but didn't buy because the whole "groceries cost money" thing, ya feel? 

This Victoria's Secret top is so cute. I've had it in a different print for a year and worn the heck out of it, and it's still in great shape. It's more of a bra kinda top and is super flattering. It also really stays put, so if you happen to be running after a small human, nothing is slipping. 

This top + these bottoms are so sporty and cute. The top is sold out online, but I still included it because my H&M still has a few in store, so it's worth checking.

This black one-piece is the one I'm wearing in that picture, and I'll probably never shut up about how much I love it. 

This pink one-piece is what dreams are made of. I need it. I loved it. 

This mesh one-piece is the first bathing suit I bought after having a baby (a moment of silence for bathing suit shopping 6 weeks postpartum. Bless.) and it was perfect then. I still have it and still wear it because it's legitimately flattering. 

This red one-piece gave me major Baywatch vibes in the best way. 

This high-neck bikini is my favorite right now. It's a little unique and a lot adorable. 

This striped one-piece is so fun. It just reminds me of the best parts of summer, and the colors and stripes remind me of old school baseball uniforms (which, I know might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're looking for bathing suits, but IT WORKS, OKAY?!)

And then there are these babies (all from Target, because duh) that I really would love to get my hands on: 

Is it warm enough for bathing suits yet where you are? Tell me your favorite places to shop for them! 
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Friday, April 6, 2018

Let's Get to Know Each Other: Q + A.

Every April (birthday month!), I kind of start reaccessing things, including my blog. I wonder if it's still relevant, if it's still worth the time I put into it, if I'm writing about things people actually enjoy reading. 

Honestly, the answers to these questions don't really matter, because I truly love writing here, so I'm not gonna stop. And while I'm going to keep writing about the things that I love, I would also really like to write about the things you want to read about, or answer questions you might like to see answered here.  

So let's get to know each other better! If you've got a question you'd like to see discussed on here, let's hear it! Got a topic you'd like to see written about? Lay it on me. 

Drop it in the comments, or, if you're shy, use this form right here. Everything is anonymous so I won't see who says what. 

Tell me something about yourself! Also, someone please ask me something so I don't feel stupid for posting this. Okay bye. 
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Thursday, April 5, 2018

If I Could Tell You Anything Today...

You are enough. You are so enough. I know that you probably don't think so, and when you look at your life as a whole, the first thing you notice is the places where you don't feel like you are enough. But listen to me, you beautiful creature, you: You are enough. I think that sometimes we feel like we're not enough because we keep forcing things on ourselves that were never meant for us. We try to wear hats we were never meant to wear, try to fill positions we were never meant to fill, try to be things for people that we were never meant to be. But the things that were meant for you? Oh, babe. You are more than enough. 

You are loved. More than you know.

You are a force to be reckoned with. You're gifted in such specific ways. When you recognize those areas and use those things, watch out, world. 

Sometimes the right choice and the right feelings come at different times. So if you're feeling crappy about that decision you had to make because you know in your gut it was the right thing to do, hold on just a little longer. Emotions are fickle things, and it can take them awhile to catch up. 

The small steps you're taking are adding up. So keep up the work. I know it's hard to not see instant results when you feel like you're working hard. It sucks to not see a big paycheck or a toned stomach or a restored relationship right away, but I promise, the work you're doing will get you there. Those small steps are leading you to the right place. Keep taking them. Keep working hard. 

Happy Thursday, friends. Sending so much love your way today. 
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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Let's Talk About Stress, Baby.

Self-care is really having a moment, isn't she? But for all the Buzzfeed articles and blog posts about the importance of saying no and caring for one's self above all, I feel like our stress is at an all-time high, probably because we're just so dang busy. 

And while it would be nice to tell you to slow down and say no to stressful things, I know that sometimes (a lot of the time), the reason our plates get so full is because there are no other plates around to share the spoil with, so you're stuck with more than you should be. 

Let's be blunt-most of us can't just remove the things that stress us out from our lives. If you can't remove stress, you've got to manage it. Here are some of my favorite ways to do just that. 

Aromatherapy bubble baths. || The entire Aromatherapy line at Bath and Body Works is truly the stuff dreams are made of, but their foaming baths are my favorite. Stress relief (yes, please), focus (need), and sleep (second best to the real thing!) are my favorites. You have to wash your hair at some point anyway, right? So take an extra five minutes and melt some of that stress away.

Dr. Teal's Epsom salt soak. || Same thought, way cheaper price tag. I love both!

Stress relief tea. || Not sure what exactly they put in this stuff, (just kidding, the ingrediants are on the box) but it works. And the whole taking a minute to sit with your hands wrapped around a hot mug thing is pretty good for your mental health, too. 

Yoga with Adriene. || I've talked before about how Yoga with Adriene has seriously changed my life, but specifically when it comes to stress and anxiety, she's the best. These are my favorites: Yoga for Anxiety and Stress, Stress Melt, Quick Stress Fix, and Yoga for Anxiety. They're so helpful.

Lavender oil + Eucalyptus oil. || So relaxing to smell throughout the day. Sometimes I diffuse this, sometimes I skip straight to slathering it on my skin. 

Get outside. || Daily walks (or runs) have become a stress reliever that I rely on. Getting fresh air is huge, and getting your heart rate up from something other than being anxious is great. Plus, it gives you a few minutes to yourself with no distractions-a perfect space to work through your thoughts. 

How do you manage stress? 
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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

More Moments That Make You Feel Alive, Please.

I get really introspective this time of year. I tend to treat my birthday as a personal New Year's Day of sorts, and I think about goals and dreams and where I'm at in life. 

Thinking about my girls' trip a few weeks ago, it was full of all these little moments I'll remember forever. And really, that's what life is-years made up of little moments, good and bad, happy and difficult, sweet and bitter. Just a bunch of little moments. 

If we get a say about our moments, and I think we do, then I say we have more of the moments that make you feel alive. 

More laughing with your best friends. 

More dancing in a room full of friends and strangers to songs you know will hold these memories forever. 

More honest conversations that are clear and deep and remind you what a privilege it is to be doing life with your people. 

More hot cups of coffee and cold moscow mules. 

More staying up too late, but not regretting it, because you remember that life is short and you want to squeeze it for all it's worth. 

More sandy toes and salty hair and chilly nights and sunny days. 

More moments that make you feel alive, please. 

Take note of them. Chase after them. Cherish them. 

More life. 
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Monday, April 2, 2018

Spending April: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through Your Month.

1. Celebrate Easter.

2. Celebrate Easter part two: Hit up the clearance Easter candy. Love you, Starburst jellybeans. Too, too much.

3. Do something kind for someone. What's the first thing that popped into your mind when you read that? Do that.

4. Download an Audiobook. If you don't have audible, click here for a free trial and two free books. I'm currently listening to this one because even when I'm reading, I'm a sucker for reality TV. 

5. Spend a day outside. In a backyard, by a pool, on a beach. If a day is too much for you, then an afternoon, or an hour, or a few minutes on a walk. Just get outside, it's so good for you!

6. Get your eyebrows done. Or your nails. Or get a massage. A small way to treat yo'self, because you deserve it.

7. Think about simple "special occasion" things that you like and try to bring more of those to your everyday. Examples: I love fresh flowers, but I rarely ever buy them unless it's someone's birthday or something. I love eating popcorn at the movies, but I never buy it for my house. Whatever your flowers and popcorn are, bring them into normal life every now and then. 

8. Tell someone they inspire you. So simple, such a big impact.

9. Turn off notifications on your phone. This. Is. Life. Changing. The only notifications I get on my phone now are for texts and calls, everything else I have to check manually. I love it.

10. Clean out your fridge. It's not fun, but neither is going to cook some bacon and realizing it expired four months ago. Talking about a friend, obviously. 

11. Plan a summer trip. A few days to another state, if you have the time and money. An afternoon to a town near you if you don't. Both can be so fun.

12. Watch your favorite movie.

13. Plan a reunion. With out-of-town family or long-distance friends.

14. The fourteenth is my birthday! Eat some cake for me. 

15. Plant something. April showers bring May flowers, and all of that. 

16. Take ten minutes to remove some negative feelings from your life. A few examples: Someone you follow on social media who only makes you upset when you see them, clothes that don't fit and only irritate you when you try them on, etc. 

17. Pick a New Year's Resolution you made and work really hard on it this week. If you didn't make those, just pick a goal you have for yourself and work hard at it for a week.

18. Delete old texts/emails/voicemails from your phone. Clutter is clutter. You'll feel better.

19. What's your least favorite part of the day? Find a way to make it better. Hate mornings? Make them better with your favorite coffee. Afternoons suck for you? Take a later lunch break with a walk and some fresh air. Just try it!

20. Try dessert hummus. I was so skeptical, but it's amazing with strawberries.

21. Pick a no-tv night and read a book instead. 

22. Make a playlist of all your old favorite songs. Jam out. Make teenage you so proud. 

23. Buy new office supplies. My love language.

24. Compliment yourself more. I'm learning a lot that you should be your own friend. 

25. Make breakfast for dinner.

26. Watch more sunrises. And more sunsets. 

27. Go out for ice cream. There's something so nostalgic about this.

28. Speak into a friend with some heartfelt encouragement. We all need that from time to time. 

29. Make an effort to drink more water than you currently drink. Immediate side-effect: Feel better than you currently feel.

30. Get a day pass to a fancy hotel near year. Spend the day ordering nachos by the pool without having to pay to sleep in a bed in your own town. 

How will you be spending your April?
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