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Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Check-in!

I didn't set resolutions this year, but I did make a list of fifty-two things I'd like to do in 2018. Since we're roughly a fourth of the way through the year, I figured I'd check in on those!

I've honestly loved not having set goals/resolutions. This year I'm more focused on experiences, on making memories and living in the moment I'm in, and it's been great.  

So far, I've accomplished:

Spend a day at the beach. I've had a few of these so far! Love you forever, Florida. 

Go to a farmer's market. I went to our local farmer's market a few weeks ago! Met a girl who makes her own all-natural skincare and bought a few things from her. 

Try on every piece of clothing I own. I did this and cannot recommend it highly enough. If it didn't fit, GONE. If I didn't love it on my body, GONE. I sold what I could and donated the rest. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that everything in my closet actually fits me. 

Go to a concert. Kelsea Ballerini was magical. 

Go to a sporting event. We took Jack to two basketball games! He had the best time and lasted the whole game, which was a nice surprise. 

Watch an ocean sunrise. Watched one in Melbourne Beach. Nothing like it. 

Eat at five restaurants I've never been to. Blue Gill in Gainesville (didn't love it, but I went there for brunch..I'll try again for their regular menu!), Felipe's Taqueria in Gainesville (BEST margaritas and really good "fast" food), Loosey's in Gainesville (Seriously my new favorite. Such delicious food and the best atmosphere), The Cottage in Siesta Key (Never in my life have I gone to a restaurant two nights in a row on purpose...but we did at The Cottage. It was that good. Best lobster bisque I've ever had in my life), and a little pizza place in St. Augustine that was approximately the size of a closet but had, no exaggeration, the best pizza I have ever had. I can't find their name, but I'll report back after I go there again (BECAUSE I WILL). 

Meet up with a friend I've met through blogging. I met up with Sam of Samantha Rose Says and we had margs (duh) and honestly the best time. She's the sweetest. I already felt like we were real life friends, and it was the best to see that she was just as great in person. LOVE YOU. 

Take a road trip. Done! To Siesta Key! 

Go to an outdoor concert. Kelsea's was an outdoor concert. I'll go to another indoor concert before the year is up!

Send Galentine's Day cards. Check! 

Build up a good essential oils collection. This has been so fun. The de-stress blends really work miracles. 

What about you? How's the year going? ALSO, one of mine on my original list is a double so I need one more...any suggestions?!
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