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Monday, April 9, 2018

Bathing Suits I'm Loving (All Under $40!)

Living in Florida, I take bathing suit shopping very seriously. Because these aren't just things I wear once or twice a year and then throw in my closet...they're making weekly appearances for most of the year. 

These are all bathing suits I either own or have personally tried on and loved, but didn't buy because the whole "groceries cost money" thing, ya feel? 

This Victoria's Secret top is so cute. I've had it in a different print for a year and worn the heck out of it, and it's still in great shape. It's more of a bra kinda top and is super flattering. It also really stays put, so if you happen to be running after a small human, nothing is slipping. 

This top + these bottoms are so sporty and cute. The top is sold out online, but I still included it because my H&M still has a few in store, so it's worth checking.

This black one-piece is the one I'm wearing in that picture, and I'll probably never shut up about how much I love it. 

This pink one-piece is what dreams are made of. I need it. I loved it. 

This mesh one-piece is the first bathing suit I bought after having a baby (a moment of silence for bathing suit shopping 6 weeks postpartum. Bless.) and it was perfect then. I still have it and still wear it because it's legitimately flattering. 

This red one-piece gave me major Baywatch vibes in the best way. 

This high-neck bikini is my favorite right now. It's a little unique and a lot adorable. 

This striped one-piece is so fun. It just reminds me of the best parts of summer, and the colors and stripes remind me of old school baseball uniforms (which, I know might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're looking for bathing suits, but IT WORKS, OKAY?!)

And then there are these babies (all from Target, because duh) that I really would love to get my hands on: 

Is it warm enough for bathing suits yet where you are? Tell me your favorite places to shop for them! 
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