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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Love You, 2018: Part Four.

Every month, I go through my phone pictures and round up the ones that haven't found their way to the blog, or maybe aren't "blog-worthy" to remind myself of how full my month really was. Part 4 of 2018 was full of Target trips with my best friend. . .

 . . .Taking Jack to see the Easter Bunny (still dying over his face)

. . .Capturing the BEST reaction to his Easter Basket

. . .Torturing Including Gatsby in the Easter festivities

. . .EASTER BEST (sobs)

 . . .I MEAN????

. . .Woke up to this most days

. . .Realized Jack prefers sitting in a chair like an adult.

. . .Spent some time at my parents house, where Jack is (clearly) allowed to do whatever he pleases.

. . .Celebrated my birthday with tacos and best friends

. . .And again with shopping with my mom!

. . .Went out for the best pizza with Sam

. . .And gave Jack his first ever popsicle, and THANKFULLY captured his reaction. I'll just leave you with that.

What did this month look like for you?

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