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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

More Moments That Make You Feel Alive, Please.

I get really introspective this time of year. I tend to treat my birthday as a personal New Year's Day of sorts, and I think about goals and dreams and where I'm at in life. 

Thinking about my girls' trip a few weeks ago, it was full of all these little moments I'll remember forever. And really, that's what life is-years made up of little moments, good and bad, happy and difficult, sweet and bitter. Just a bunch of little moments. 

If we get a say about our moments, and I think we do, then I say we have more of the moments that make you feel alive. 

More laughing with your best friends. 

More dancing in a room full of friends and strangers to songs you know will hold these memories forever. 

More honest conversations that are clear and deep and remind you what a privilege it is to be doing life with your people. 

More hot cups of coffee and cold moscow mules. 

More staying up too late, but not regretting it, because you remember that life is short and you want to squeeze it for all it's worth. 

More sandy toes and salty hair and chilly nights and sunny days. 

More moments that make you feel alive, please. 

Take note of them. Chase after them. Cherish them. 

More life. 
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