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Monday, April 2, 2018

Spending April: A To-Do List for Adventuring Through Your Month.

1. Celebrate Easter.

2. Celebrate Easter part two: Hit up the clearance Easter candy. Love you, Starburst jellybeans. Too, too much.

3. Do something kind for someone. What's the first thing that popped into your mind when you read that? Do that.

4. Download an Audiobook. If you don't have audible, click here for a free trial and two free books. I'm currently listening to this one because even when I'm reading, I'm a sucker for reality TV. 

5. Spend a day outside. In a backyard, by a pool, on a beach. If a day is too much for you, then an afternoon, or an hour, or a few minutes on a walk. Just get outside, it's so good for you!

6. Get your eyebrows done. Or your nails. Or get a massage. A small way to treat yo'self, because you deserve it.

7. Think about simple "special occasion" things that you like and try to bring more of those to your everyday. Examples: I love fresh flowers, but I rarely ever buy them unless it's someone's birthday or something. I love eating popcorn at the movies, but I never buy it for my house. Whatever your flowers and popcorn are, bring them into normal life every now and then. 

8. Tell someone they inspire you. So simple, such a big impact.

9. Turn off notifications on your phone. This. Is. Life. Changing. The only notifications I get on my phone now are for texts and calls, everything else I have to check manually. I love it.

10. Clean out your fridge. It's not fun, but neither is going to cook some bacon and realizing it expired four months ago. Talking about a friend, obviously. 

11. Plan a summer trip. A few days to another state, if you have the time and money. An afternoon to a town near you if you don't. Both can be so fun.

12. Watch your favorite movie.

13. Plan a reunion. With out-of-town family or long-distance friends.

14. The fourteenth is my birthday! Eat some cake for me. 

15. Plant something. April showers bring May flowers, and all of that. 

16. Take ten minutes to remove some negative feelings from your life. A few examples: Someone you follow on social media who only makes you upset when you see them, clothes that don't fit and only irritate you when you try them on, etc. 

17. Pick a New Year's Resolution you made and work really hard on it this week. If you didn't make those, just pick a goal you have for yourself and work hard at it for a week.

18. Delete old texts/emails/voicemails from your phone. Clutter is clutter. You'll feel better.

19. What's your least favorite part of the day? Find a way to make it better. Hate mornings? Make them better with your favorite coffee. Afternoons suck for you? Take a later lunch break with a walk and some fresh air. Just try it!

20. Try dessert hummus. I was so skeptical, but it's amazing with strawberries.

21. Pick a no-tv night and read a book instead. 

22. Make a playlist of all your old favorite songs. Jam out. Make teenage you so proud. 

23. Buy new office supplies. My love language.

24. Compliment yourself more. I'm learning a lot that you should be your own friend. 

25. Make breakfast for dinner.

26. Watch more sunrises. And more sunsets. 

27. Go out for ice cream. There's something so nostalgic about this.

28. Speak into a friend with some heartfelt encouragement. We all need that from time to time. 

29. Make an effort to drink more water than you currently drink. Immediate side-effect: Feel better than you currently feel.

30. Get a day pass to a fancy hotel near year. Spend the day ordering nachos by the pool without having to pay to sleep in a bed in your own town. 

How will you be spending your April?
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