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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Love You, 2018: Part 5

According to my phone's camera roll, part five of 2018 looked a lot like... naps on the boat.

...trips to Cedar Key.

...walks around the neighborhood with Jack actually walking instead of riding in his stroller.

...lots of outside time (before the 8,432 days of rain came).

...dinners at Lucky's, where Jack wanted to sit at every table except his own.

...belated birthday celebrations with my best friends.

...going to Grill's for lunches where you can eat in your bathing suit (the best kind of lunches).

...celebrating Mother's Day with this little ham.

...celebrating my best friend for passing her teaching exam.

...getting tacos with my two bffs. Side note: Jack literally lept out of my arms when he spotted that brownie on the counter.

...silly baby selfies.

...Jack playing with his new bff, Nora.

...discovering a new acai bowl place.

...eating giant watermelons.

...Gatsby being ridiculous. 

What did this month look like for you?
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