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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Some Love Letters.

Dear Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke, I love you. How many is too many? Don't answer this. 

Dear summer weather, I love you. Sunshine and summertime forever, thank you and amen. 

Dear FaceTime, I love you. Thank you for making it so easy to keep in touch with family and friends, and also for saving me trips to the emergency room when Jack hurts himself by facetiming dr. dad instead. 

Dear farmer who sets up shop at my neighborhood entrance, I love you. Thank you for feeding my watermelon obsession. 

Dear macadamia nut milk, I love you. You have made my cold-turkey break from sugar-filled creamer much more bearable.

Dear lime coolada after sun lotion, I love you. Not only do you make my tan last longer, you make me smell like vacation all the time, and vacation smells like pure happiness. 

Dear post-nap toddler snuggles, I love you. Those sleepy-smiled, messy hair, sweetest little cuddles are the highlight of my days right now. 

Dear Yogi Teas, I love you. Your flavors are my favorite, and your hippie fortune cookie sayings on the tags always make me smile. 

What are you writing love letters to this week?
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